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Westgate Apartments in Old Pasadena Update

Westgate looking from new Delacey Place condos

Westgate looking from new Delacey Place condos

Westgate is one of the most important projects in Pasadena at this time from the perspective of a maturing urban center. It is a massive project with 842 units and will be built in 3 phases. The developer, Sares-Regis Group, is currently working on phase 1, which is the southern portion of the project on Del Mar Blvd.

I say this is the most important project right now because it will not only add more residents to Old Pasadena and hopefully attract more residential-oriented businesses, but the developed property will expand the “urban walkable playground” as I like to say it sometimes. It will essentially be an extension of Old Pasadena and therefore create an even more three-dimensional area for pedestrians. This development will include parkland, some shops, and a paseo. I can’t wait until it’s done!

Westgate Phase 1 Under Construction

What used to be industrial "lifeless" land will become the Westgate development


  1. Out of curiosity, how is this “urban walkable”? It is located RIGHT next to the freeway. As someone that lives in a such “primely” located apartment in Studio City only so that I can live next to a Metro station, I frankly think it’s horrible city planning and placement. People should not have to live next to the freeway. The funny part is that if people move into these buildings to take advantage of the walking opportunities and possibly don’t own cars since there is a nearby Metro station, they suffer from cars (and the resulting pollution!) way more than those that generally drive on the freeway! I could accept placing parking garages next to the freeway, but not people’s homes. Nevermind the dirt, noise and speeding vehicles that freeways bring as well.

    Please read this article from a UCLA freeway air pollution study:

    I know that traffic backs up on Del Mar, which is another pedestrian non-friendly feature. Plus it’s rather isolated from many things since it is bound by the freeway. I walk all around Pasadena, but I honestly have avoided that area and the stores in that area because it’s pretty unpleasant for walking.

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