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Update: Greene & Greene Herkimer Arms Sawed in Half in Pasadena

Herkimer Arms was sawed in half this week and will be relocated to its new home in Pasadena

In accordance with what Heritage Housing Partners planned to do with the building, Herkimer Arms was sawed in half and “will be moved on two separate moves on probably two separate nights and put back together once it gets to its new home.”

The new location will be at 407 N. Raymond Ave.

The separate halves will be moved on two separate trips and put back together

The new location for the permanent home for Herkimer Arms will be 407 N. Raymond Ave. in Pasadena


  1. I saw it cut in half today when I went by. Pretty amazing! I didn’t mention this before, but the house on the northwest corner of Raymond and Maple that is currently next to the HHP site was moved to that site about +/- 5 years ago from South Marengo. I think they did an awesome job with that house compared to how it looked before the move.

    • That’s what I thought too when I first found out about this (thanks to Mike Colton!).

      I’m now curious to see what the plans are for the “worship center” Fuller Seminary has for this site in regards to its architecture and how the landscaping will interact with the sidewalk along Union St. to address pedestrians’ needs.

  2. Brigham, if anyone has their finger more directly on the pulse of Pasadena business and condo real estate than you do, I don’t know about it.

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