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Veronica M. Boutique Relocates in Old Pasadena

The old Veronica M. store on Colorado Blvd. will stay open for another month or so before closing

With 5 locations in LA, Veronica M.’s fashion boutique in Pasadena is relocating from their location on pricey Colorado Blvd. to a smaller space, but just as busy location, on Fair Oaks Ave. just a stone’s throw down the street. Their current store at 30 W. Colorado Blvd. will continue to operate for about a month before vacating. The new boutique, selling women’s clothing, replaces the former travel booking Flight Centre.

Veronica M. relocates to the former Flight Centre space on Fair Oaks Ave. in Old Pasadena


  1. Awesome blog! Love the pictures…do you mind sharing which camera do you use? THANKS!

  2. Hi Mia, I just use a regular Canon digital camera. Any camera you get from the electronic stores nowadays is pretty good.

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