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Choza Mama Now Open in Old Pasadena

Choza Mama is located in the historic Richardson building in Old Pasadena

Choza Mama’s second location (outside of Burbank) opened this week in Old Pasadena. The restaurant replaces the former Hooters restaurant and is now serving both lunch and dinner including a bakery selection not available in their Burbank location. The ambiance of the restaurant is inviting and down-to-earth and has elements of Peruvian influence such as a mural of the mysterious Nazca Lines and straw hut awnings over portions of the restaurant, which is what choza actually means in Spanish – “hut, shack.”

This is a great addition to Pasadena’s casual dining scene and adds a unique Peruvian twist to the culinary list.

Choza Mama is now open in Old Pasadena

The straw hut awning near the ceiling is a design taken directly from the meaning of "choza" in Spanish

Choosing to include a bakery selection is a new concept for the Pasadena location

The restaurant includes designs with Peruvian influences such as this mural of the mysterious Nazca Lines

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