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Pasadena Restaurants Update

Pappa Rich - The Father of All Buns - Comming Soon...!

In addition to Choza Mama opening up in Pasadena this past week, several other restaurants are in the works, and in the case of taco truck, “The Place Los Angeles,” Pasadena finally gets its first “tacos on wheels” serving the area such as Pasadena City Hall and Old Town Pasadena. Yes, you can follow them on Twitter.

The Place LA (Taco Truck)

The Place LA taco truck is now serving Pasadena (follow them on Twitter to find out where they are now)

Pappa Rich – “The Father of All Buns”

Pappa Rich is replacing the Daily Grind coffee shop in Old Pasadena

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins in Old Pasadena gets their signage up this week

The Meridian Restaurant

The Meridian Restaurant will be serving Mediterranean food at Paseo Colorado

The Meridian Restaurant is planning for a March 2010 opening at Paseo Colorado

Bob’s Big Boy

A pretty fancy website dedicated to Bob's Big Boy returning to Pasadena, replacing Baja Fresh on South Lake Avenue


  1. Brigham, this stuff is making me hungry. :-) Thanks for the updates. You sure get around to it all.

  2. Steve says

    That Baja Fresh was a small place and in a strip mall. It doesn’t strike me as a good place (or big enough) for a Bob’s Big Boy.

  3. Robbie Brody says

    Brigham! Thanks for the updates. I’m sorry to see that Baja Fresh go, as that is a favorite of mine. It always seemed busy; I wonder what happened? Can Big Boy fit in that little space?

    And, finally, what are we going to do about Twin Palms. What a loss for Pasadena!

  4. Lawrence says

    It’s interesting to see Bob’s make a comeback. I’m curious about Papa rich and I’m looking forward to trying Choza Mama.

  5. Cindy says

    Thanks for the updates! I’m also sorry to see Baja Fresh go – there’s still the one on the east side near Ralphs on Foothill. I assume Bob’s Big Boy has to be combining some space from either side? There’s the mini cell phone place, dentist and the Pampas furniture around it. Weird change. Brigham, let us know how if you find out h0w the space is situated.

  6. It’s hard to keep up with all these restaurants openings & then closings. If you wait too long, they’re no longer open!

    Anything new opening in the Paseo area on the north side?

    • Nothing really new except a tie store and a new GNC (nutrition) coming to Paseo. I am still watching the Miche Bakery closely, but it’s slowed down significantly in build out.

  7. Hi Brigham!

    Thanks so much for the exposure! We really appreciate it. Next time you see us, come by and say hi! We’d love to feed you some delicious food! :)

    the pLAce

  8. John R says

    Famima and LeBijou Jewelers have closed in Old Pasadena

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