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Terra Bella Construction Update in Pasadena

Terra Bella finishing work on the 2nd floor and will be starting on the third floor soon

The Renaissance condos, covered back in September, has been renamed as Terra Bella. With “28 luxury condominiums and average unit sizes of 2,145 square feet” soon to hit the market, the developers, Legendary Development, have touted the forthcoming mixed-use development as “Ritz-Carlton quality.”

The current construction status looks to be almost halfway complete as the structure height (now at 2 floors) has gained speed over the past few weeks. Located at the corner of Cordova and Marengo, Terra Bella is conveniently located across the street from the Del Mar Gold Line station as well as the Pasadena Convention Center.

Terra Bella construction at the corner of Cordova and Marengo

An updated rendering of Terra Bella courtesy of Legendary Development


  1. carter says

    More same old, same old.
    Don’t any architectural firms have any other design concepts except this stuff straight out of the boredoms. It may have Ritz Carlton quality construction, but the look is purely Holiday Inn.

  2. Lawrence says

    Architecturally it’s nothing spectacular, but the street presence will be nice especially with the other newer buildings in the area. This is a great location – walking distance from old town and the civic center.

  3. From an urban point of view, I think this is a major improvement for that corner. It is important for buildings to define the street edge and activate the pedestrian realm; this building appears to succeed at that.

    However, from an architectural point of view, the building appears to be a miss. A lot of the proportions are off. The facade is too busy. The materiality looks too conventional (and cheap). There are too many unneccessary control joints.

    I don’t hold “thematic” architecture like this in high regard. But if you are going to do it, then do it right. This is not done right.

    I wish the developers and architect took a cue from the Dalton. I really like that building, and think it is successful both urbanistically and architecturally.

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  5. sopas ej says

    I didn’t realize that the architectural style of this structure would be, uh, that. I assumed it would be a modernistic structure (I didn’t see your earlier post about this project). Oh well. I agree with Mike, the proportions are off; I also think that once built, it will be totally out of scale for that area, which is the same way I feel about the Raymond Renaissance (is that what it’s called?) on Raymond and Holly.

  6. sopas ej says

    I’ll add, though, that once built, this Terra Bella thing will at least fill up that space left by the building that was knocked down to build it.

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