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Solar Panels Installed at Lake Ave Gold Line Station in Pasadena

The construction crew continues work on installing solar panels at the Lake Ave Gold Line station

Photovoltaic solar panels have been installed at the Lake Ave Gold Line station in Pasadena. They started going up last week, and today, construction workers continued installing more panels and solar consultants (including one from Culver City-based SolarCity) were at the station overseeing the progress.

The solar panels are owned by the Pasadena Water and Power (PWP) and are manufactured by the Chinese technology company Wuhan Rixin. At 20 kW of energy produced by the solar panels, the solar consultant I spoke to said it would provide more than enough electricity for the lights at the station itself, and any surplus energy would be fed back into the grid.

What is particularly interesting to me about these solar panels is that they act in two different ways. They will not only provide electricity (20 kW), but they will also act as a design element incorporated into the canopies for the station. Anyone walking underneath the canopies will be able to see these solar panels. This is a great example of how cities can start using solar panels in ways we never thought about before. It’s drop in the bucket, but it’s still great to see Pasadena taking tangible steps toward a greener future.

Construction continues on the Lake Ave Gold Line Station

These PV panels, manufactured by Wuhan Rixin, will produce 20 kW of electricity

The new clock tower looks over the newly upgraded Lake Ave Gold Line station


  1. peenee says

    did you take this from your apartment, nice zoom job lol.

    one of your current clients :X

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  4. Great idea but please consider covering the parking lot with more solar panels.

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  6. Shade at last! I thought it was odd that they built a shelter without actually sheltering. Glad to solar panels.

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