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A Closer Look at Westgate Apartments in Pasadena

A new park called De Lacey Commons will have a meandering pathway that includes "a story" about Pasadena along the path

Westgate is one of my favorite developments in Pasadena solely because it expands the urban fabric of Pasadena. What used to be nothing but ugly unused lots and empty buildings in disrepair is now an area transforming into a bona fide neighborhood that will one day be an integral part of Pasadena. I see a not-so-distant future neighborhood full of activity including people jogging, walking their dogs, taking a stroll on a summer evening, and new retail shops catering to both residents and out-of-town visitors. The “Westgate District,” being seamlessly connected to Old Pasadena’s southern boundaries, will feel like a natural urban extension as most people won’t even know that at one time “the excitement” and charm of Old Pasadena ended at De Lacey and Green. Just like people take for granted what Paseo Colorado has done for Pasadena in place of the failed indoor mall Plaza Pasadena.

I had a chance to view some of the floor plans and amenities of Westgate Apartments today. I was told by the General Manager, Gina Lopez, that 17 units have been leased out already and first move-ins occurred on Nov. 21, 2009. Square footage of units range from one-bedrooms at 774SF to 1336SF for the townhouse units. As I toured the complex, I was impressed by the facilities available to residents including: full scale gym (we’re talking gym membership replacement), pool with barbecue grill, conference room, Internet cafe, and even a movie screening room. The units themselves were upscale with nice appliances, and I especially liked the townhouses that had front doors that lead directly out to the street. It reminds me of row houses/brownstones prevalent on the East Coast. It basically means easy access to the street to be a pedestrian.

I was also excited to learn about two features of Westgate that I think will contribute to the community. One is a public park that will be finished by June 2010 called De Lacey Commons, which will front De Lacey Ave. and include a mature transplanted tree surrounded by an art installation by renowned artist Larry Kirkland. The second feature is a network of paseos that slice through the complex and will be open to the public. I find that extremely important for a city aspiring to be pedestrian-friendly. Large blocks should be broken up into smaller ones to promote walking.

All-in-all, I am very excited about Westgate and how it will change this part of Pasadena for the better. I am eager to see the rest of the phases start construction as soon as the economy recovers so we can finally realize the full potential of this nascent neighborhood.

This map of Westgate Apartments shows that a network of paseos open to the public will be part of the complex. The paseos help break up the large block and will be more pedestrian-friendly as a result

Orange Place Paseo will provide pedestrian access from east to west

Werk Paseo will provide pedestrian access from north to south

De Lacey Commons will include a transplanted mature tree and art by renowned artist Larry Kirkland

The leasing office at Westgate Apartments

The kitchen of the one bedroom model unit

The living room inside the one bedroom model unit

The bedroom in the one bedroom model unit

The bathroom in the one bedroom model unit

The units come with laminate hardwood floors

The townhouses have double sinks in the bathrooms

The shower heads are also the low flow kinds mandated by water conservation standards

Dual flush toilets are becoming more and more popular in the United States as people become more water conscious

Washers and dryers are included in the units

Access to the street is easy in the townhouses with steps that lead right out to the street

The hallway inside the Westgate Apartments

The Internet cafe with printer

The gym is large enough to get in a good workout even for advanced users

There are cardio machines as well in the gym

The large planters are a nice modern touch to the outdoor areas by the pool

The outdoor pool area also has a barbecue grill

The movie screening room for parties and get togethers

The site of the future De Lacey Commons expected to be finished in June 2010


  1. peenee says

    too bad they scrapped the retail spaces on de lacey. i think it would be wonderful if they are shops all the way down to del mar.

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  4. Brigham,
    Thank you for your support in Westgate. I belive Westgate will be a great addition to Pasadena and I hope everyone who reads your blog stops by the community for a tour.

  5. carter says

    Paseo Colorado has done very little to replace the image of Plaza Pasadena – half the tenants would love to close up shop. Gelsons has tried for the longest time to close, or not.
    Only a few restaurants are making money, most are not. Cannot imagine the residential upstairs is doing all that well either.

  6. bria sheriff says

    i put my name on the list about two yrs ago before the apartment was bulid i just wanted to see were my name was on the list

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