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Restaurants Update in Old Pasadena

"Guess Who's Coming?" sign posted on the window of the former Famima!! store in Old Pasadena

In addition to Pappa Rich now open for a couple of weeks, other restaurant developments have been happening in Old Pasadena.

Here’s an update on what’s been going on:

Creme De La Crepe Cafe

Creme De La Crepe Cafe is now open in Mills Alleyway in Old Pasadena

Outdoor patio seating is available at the new Creme De La Crepe Cafe in Old Pasadena

Creme De La Crepe Cafe offers a variety of wine

Quadrupel Brasserie

Quadrupel, along with other businesses in the building, have installed new blade signage. Quadrupel will be opening in Jan 2010

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is now serving their famous ice cream on Colorado Blvd.

Guess Who’s Coming?

Goodbye Famima!! and hello Someone-Else-We-Don't-Know-Yet


  1. I guess both the Pasadena Famima!! locations are now closed? I used to visit both of them frequently. I remember when Famima!! was talking about expanding its presence in the San Gabriel Valley, not departing from it completely. I do see they have a planned location at Santa Anita Mall. Their last Arcadia location lasted about a year before it too shut down.

    • Yeah it’s really sad since I used to shop in there all the time too to grab a quick bite or a drink.

      I think they just expanded quickly without really doing much analysis on what products to offer within the stores. I heard that, surprisingly, many of the products they offered were NOT being sold.

      Anyway, I am pretty sure they’ll make their way BACK to Pasadena, but they’ll be MUCH more picky about where the next time.

  2. I went to Creme de la Crepe for Dinner on Sunday and was not impressed…the place doesn’t look much different and the food was mediocre!
    The crepes were quite boring and were anything BUT ”Creme de la Crepe”!!!

    I had the flambe one and it was dull in taste and overpowering in alcohol.

    For a restaurant that took so long to open it was quite a disappointment, as I was expecting MORE>.

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  4. peenee says

    oh how sad i didnt even know the one on colorado closed down, sad

    • Yeah, I think Famima has to reorganize and figure out what they “did wrong.” They closed a few others as well including the one in Downtown LA at 8th/Fig and the stand alone in Arcadia. Their VERY first one in West Hollywood on SaMo Blvd closed down shortly after they opened it back in 2006.

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