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Bob’s Big Boy Now Open in Pasadena

The endearing "Big Boy" greets customers at the entrance of the restaurant

Bob’s Big Boy is back in Pasadena. Replacing a Baja Fresh fast casual restaurant at the corner of South Lake Avenue and Del Mar, the space has been transformed into a slightly more modern Bob’s Big Boy with a comfortable/cozy interior perfect for those seeking diner cuisine in this urban part of Pasadena.

The restaurant opened toward the end of January 2010, and has caught on quite fast with locals and office workers in the neighboring office buildings. I am very glad to see that Bob’s has attracted a fair amount of business already and will help activate this corner with more pedestrian activity.

The former Baja Fresh space has been transformed successfully into a smaller, urban concept for Bob's Big Boy

An updated more modern look for Bob's Big Boy in Pasadena

Bob's Big Boy will help activate the corner of South Lake Avenue and Del Mar


  1. reeeeeally excited to see this open. really missing the one on wilshire in LA, good to have this one pop up in the area. great post, thanks for photos!

  2. anita says

    it’s is BUSY all the time. it’s a new place so service is very spotty. i see a lot of folks sitting outside, waiting for their to go orders.

  3. Bob Wian would be proud; “start small” he once said behind the counter of his first Glendale eatery,
    and skip the Crosley’s and the home delivery hassle.

    • kent vallette says

      I didn’t think anybody else remembered the Crosley delivery trucks from the late 40’s/early 50’s. I recall that Bob’s in Glendale had a small “shack” in the parking lot that sold take out and serviced the delivery fleet. What do you remember?

  4. klaus says

    i do hope they will be getting rid of the cheapo plastic banners soon and put up real signage.

  5. They put a sign up yesterday. Spoke to the man who is resposible for making the sign (happened to be there when i was walking by); supposedly he had one ready for when it opened, but city of pasadena inspectors said it was exactly 6 inches off and sent him home to redo the ENTIRE sign… hence the delay. they threw a big party (couldnt go, busy) for the sign lighting yesterday. And a bobs big boy figure out in front. Its official now. LOL.

  6. Steve Lamb says

    They closed it. Just all of the sudden its locked. The public loved it, even say at 2 in the afternoon it was half full in that horrible location and sometime between the 14th (when I last went) and 24th of December it was locked with a sign saying closed for good. TERRIBLE!!!!

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