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Terra Bella Construction Update in Pasadena

Terra Bella at Cordova and Marengo is now topped out

A quick snapshot of the construction of the 28-unit Terra Bella condo project at Cordova and Marengo. The development is now topped out and construction has been progressing consistently (with the exception of the much needed rains we’re getting this season).

I am excited to see this project completed as I really like how Cordova feels now with Terra Bella on one side and the Cinema Lofts/The Dalton on the other side. It now feels visually balanced and gives this hilly portion of the street an interesting dynamic for pedestrians who may be headed toward the Del Mar Gold Line station across the street.

The 28-unit Terra Bella is located across the street from the Del Mar Gold Line station


  1. Very cool to see this building going up. I worked at the Civil firm that did the Dalton.

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