New York Deli Coming to Old Pasadena

[UPDATED on 11/15/10: Please check out my video interview (below) with the owner of New York Deli, Leo Temory, on The Brigham Yen Show]

The former upscale Famima!! Japanese convenience store (that unfortunately closed down several months ago) in Old Pasadena has been replaced by soon-to-open New York Deli, which claims to be bringing “a slice of New York to Pasadena.”

Hopefully this will feel a niche (with high quality meats) in the growing Old Pasadena neighborhood for those who have longed to have a good ol’ fashion deli close by. The space looks like it just started construction, so my guess is it will be open by late spring/early summer.

New York Deli is coming to Old Pasadena

“The Famous, Biggest Sandwich in Town”

New York Deli will be opening up in the former Famima!! space in Old Pasadena


  1. I saw this last week as I was passing by and got really excited. But I suppose it’s a bit much hoping they’ll be as good as Langer’s?

  2. Langer’s certainly has the best pastrami in the world as far as I’m concerned! I used to live in NYC and thought I’d never get anything better than at the old Pastrami Queen and 2nd Ave Deli — boy, was I wrong. I also really like Greenblatt’s — they probably have the best reubens in LA.

  3. Eric says

    I work in Old Pasadena and am VERY familiar with the restaurants. You guess it will be open by late spring / early summer, but I think that’s overly optimistic. Every time a new restaurant posts a sign saying “Coming Soon” (as in 3 months), it’s usually at least a year-and-a-half until it actually opens. Mr. Yen, as a Realtor in the area, I’m sure you’ve seen this happen first-hand. How many times have you waited, and waited, and waited for a restaurant to open in the area? A good indication of the validity of my theory is that every time I walk by, I don’t see anyone working on it. They really need to work HARDER and FASTER! How can we put pressure on them to MAKE IT HAPPEN?

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