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Westgate Phase I Construction Wrapping Up in Pasadena

The dramatic transformation of this once forlorn area is seen in this view of De Lacey Commons at the new Westgate Apartments with the new De Lacey Place luxury condos (not part of Westgate) in the background

The first phase of the Westgate project is definitely wrapping up soon. I would say that about 80% of the entire thing is complete from a quick visual survey and walk through. I took these pictures last week and was thoroughly impressed with the outcome of the complex. I love how each building is designed differently (as you can tell in the pictures below), but are still tied together to form a community with the paseos that traverse through the complex.

Probably the best thing about Westgate is how much it has changed a complete wasteland into an actual viable neighborhood. For example, Pasadena Ave on the western side of the complex is now landscaped with green grass, newly planted trees, and other plant species that blends in so well along with the familiar black vintage street lamps. What used to be viewed as the fringe of nothing is now the side of a beautiful new neighborhood that will hopefully continue to develop with the second and third phases of the project. The goal is to eventually have Westgate tie in seamlessly with Old Pasadena to the north forming a contiguous district.

Also, the new pocket park called De Lacey Commons is now complete, and it has really made the area unrecognizable (in a really good way). To think that just a few years ago, this immediate area was nothing but industrial warehouses and streets devoid of any life. Now De Lacey Commons, with its transplanted mature tree surrounded by beautiful landscaping, adds much needed green space to a growing neighborhood that will play a major role in making Pasadena an even better place for pedestrians.

Orange Paseo is open to the public and is really quite a lovely stroll through the complex. This view looks directly east toward Central Park and the Gold Line Del Mar station

Another view of Orange Paseo with its beautifully landscaped walkway

Another walkway within Westgate

Construction wrapping up on the last remaining buildings at Westgate

New landscaping along Pasadena Ave has really changed the look and feel of the entire stretch of this street from "fringe of nothing" to side of a new neighborhood

Along with new landscaping, the varied architectural designs of each building adds a visually dynamic built environment to this part of Pasadena

A new lushly landscaped median along Del Mar is only part of the positive change to the immediate area around Westgate

This new triangular island for pedestrians is a nice addition to this once ignored part of Del Mar Blvd as a result of improvements made around Westgate

A view of the apartments fronting Valley Street

The future phases of Westgate will help bridge the gap and tie in seamlessly with Old Pasadena seen in the distance

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  1. Brigham, these are lovely photos and great commentary about this very welcome project in Old Pasadena. It definitely brings a breath of life and vibrancy to a “slumbering” sector. Thanks for the report.

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