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Westgate Construction Update in Pasadena

The corner of the Westgate Apartments at Del Mar and Pasadena Ave is close to completion as new copper-colored panels add some visual interest to the facade

The corner of Del Mar and Pasadena Ave is taking shape very nicely as the last remaining section of the Westgate Apartments is wrapping up on construction and the design of the facade is now visually apparent. With an almost iridescent quality, the corner facade is covered in copper-colored metallic panels that remind me a bit of a design choice famed architect Frank Gehry would come up with (think Seattle’s music museum).

Another feature of the Westgate Apartments that I found appealing is the “row house” characteristic of some of the units that face Del Mar. As you can see in the picture below, stairs that lead directly to units facing the street on the first floor give the apartments a much more interesting urban aesthetic and reminds me of the row houses prevalent on the East Coast. It also has the added benefit of providing easy access to the street for future residents that will able to walk to Central Park, the Gold Line station, or Old Pasadena.

I also included a screen shot of an outdated Google street view of the Del Mar/De Lacey intersection. One can see how much has changed over the few years in this southern part of the Old Pasadena district. What was once desolate, isolated, irrelevant, and under utilized, is now revitalized and aesthetically transformed. I hope to see many more examples of these successful “before and after” urban revitalization efforts materialize in Pasadena.

Construction is wrapping up on the last section of the Westgate Apartments

Direct pedestrian staircase access to street front units are reminiscent to row houses on the East Coast

New landscaping along the sidewalk really puts this part of Del Mar Blvd back on the map, so-to-speak

Pasadena continues to expand the realm of the pedestrian world by making streets and sidewalks more enjoyable to walk on

Before shot of Del Mar/De Lacey intersection (Image courtesy of Google Street View)

After shot of the same intersection today