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Culture 22 Replacing MaiKobe in Old Pasadena

MaiKobe (now closed) also happens to be where "Peach Pit" cafe (90210 TV show) was filmed when the space was still Ruby's Diner

Passing by the other day, I realized that MaiKobe Japanese restaurant had closed down (probably not that long ago). Although I was sad to see another restaurant close up shop, I was glad to see a new sign declare a change in ownership of the business.

The new restaurant will apparently be called “Culture 22” and a quick peek inside reveals that build out is active and taking place.

I am not sure what kind of food the new restaurant will serve, but I just hope it’s good and that it catches on quickly!

A new restaurant called "Culture 22" will be replacing MaiKobe

The interior space has been gutted and build out is starting on Culture 22


  1. Another closed restauran. I remember MaiKobe, just never went inside. And, I couldn’t tell you how to get there even!

    Besides In n Out burgers, most restaurants should be subtitled: In N Out!

  2. Kyle Baker says

    This is just a tough site. Owners need to go with a known, proven quantity, not a risky concept or something that is already saturated, in order to succeed.

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  4. It was the original Rose City Diner back when 90210 first used it as the Peach Pit.

  5. Licardo says

    By any chance do any of you know how i may apply for a job at culture 22?

  6. Donta says

    Contact gary menus head chef if your really good you may tell him you know me!!!! but only if your rally good!!!!

  7. Gigi says

    We tried Culture 22 about a week after they opened. Their food is fabulous! However, they have a lot of kinks to work out still. For example, when you wanted your water refilled they took away everyone’s glasses and brought them back refilled (rather than bringing a pitcher to the table) leaving you wondering if you got your glass back or someone elses. The food is also “Tapas” sized, so don’t be overjoyed by the “cheap” prices. It’s really not that cheap. i.e. $16 for 2 scallops

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