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Watch “Sprawling from Grace” Documentary about Suburban Sprawl

Click DVD cover above to watch Sprawling from Grace on YouTube for free

After just watching it myself on Netflix, my friend alerted me that the full version of Sprawling from Grace–the documentary on the detrimental consequences of suburban sprawl, such as oil addiction–is actually on IMDB and can be watched for free! ← (click link to watch full movie)

I highly recommend watching this documentary (~120 min), which will provide some valuable insight to those who are interested in knowing why suburbia (run amok) and its car-dependent lifestyle is egregiously bad for the health of this nation and the future of the world. Also, one of our very own Pasadenans, the former Deputy Mayor of Pasadena, Katherine Perez, is interviewed and shown many times in the film.

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  2. Lawrence says

    This is a great film and a must watch. It really offers perspective on the largely suburban setup of the U.S and the pitfalls of that lifestyle. It also sheds light on what density is really about: walkability, community, accessibility, and transit- all the things that the auto driven designs of modern American cities don’t provide.

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