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Terra Bella Luxury Condos Construction Update in Pasadena

Terra Bella stands across the street from the Cinema Lofts

Terra Bella, a 28-unit luxury condo building under construction at the corner of Marengo and Cordova, has crews currently working on the detailing of the exterior facade. The mixed-use building (residential condos and one commercial space at the corner) is starting to resemble the initial renderings (see below) that the developer, Legendary Development, provided me.

I’ve been covering Terra Bella because I am always glad to see more density of housing and commercial projects being developed around our existing and expanding mass transit system as the Del Mar Gold Line station is a mere couple of minutes walk away from not only Terra Bella, but recently completed mixed-use projects The Dalton and Cinema Lofts.

As key strategic rail lines are completed, such as the Regional Downtown Connector and Purple Line to Westwood/UCLA, Pasadena residents that live close to Metro rail stations will quickly discover the life-changing convenience of mass transit and positive benefits to their quality of life as they are able to access key destinations in LA without worrying about traffic congestion or parking nightmares.

Construction crews work on finishing the exterior detailing of the Terra Bella facade

Average size of the units will be 2,145 square feet according to the developer

Terra Bella sits centrally located near the Del Mar Gold Line station and Pasadena Civic Center

Terra Bella rendering provided by the developer, Legendary Development


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  2. I think ugly buildings like Terra Bella are one of the big reasons so many people are opposed to increased densities, as they tend to think both go hand in hand. It looks like a rip off of the (hideous) Medici, Piero, Visconti, etc. in downtown LA. On the other hand, the Dalton was really well done – probably one of the best mixed-use buildings built in Pasadena in the last decade. It’s too bad more mixed use buildings here can’t adopt the kind of architectural language, materials, massing, and proportions used in the Dalton.

  3. Lawrence says

    The number 1 reason why people oppose density in greater L.A is the perception that it will increase traffic and intrude on their largely suburban lifestyle. Most are less interested in what a building looks like (unless it’s very controversial) and would be just as apt to buy a tract home in the suburbs, which typically offer similar faux Italian or Spanish styling like that seen here. In reality- so long as the car is our primary and/or only means of navigating this city there will be continued opposition to density of any kind. The notion of “mass” and the faulty perception of what that brings (traffic, congestion, possibly crime) dictate how people feel about density in this city. The aesthetic of the building takes a back seat and is typically only used as a last ditch effort to stop a project from being built at all.

    Also, in Pasadena there is a pervading idea in some circles that structures with contemporary designs are bad by default and that they somehow destroy the character of the city (think IDS Playhouse Plaza or the proposal for All Saints Church). In the long term I think this could cripple the area architectually, leaving us with bad reproductions of styles that can’t possibly be recreated with the same craftsmanship as the original structures they’re intended to emulate. In some ways, structures like Terra Bella are more of the same. Most who criticize it will knock it for its size first – not its appearance.

  4. Michelle says

    I don’t know why people think the building is ugly. Personally I think it’s very nice and looks reminiscent of some of the historic buildings in the area. Not everyone around here wants to live in a blocky, 80’s modern, small, boring loft! I’ve been looking to buy a place with a pool on the roof and this is perfect. I don’t really care about it being close to the Gold Line, but everything else is really nice. I like that it will have viking appliances and hardwood throughout. I’ll probably take a tour once it’s complete and try to qualify in a year when the prices have dropped. I can imagine they will start insanely high, probably around a million. We’ll see.

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