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eHarmony and eSolar Say Goodbye to Pasadena

The future of Pasadena depends on the foresight of residents today

Within a matter of a few months, the dreaded news that two major high-tech companies have announced their plans to permanently move out of their Pasadena headquarters to other locations in LA County have come as Pasadena prepares to update its General Plan (a blueprint for how the city develops for the next decade).

The online dating website, eHarmony–gaining popularity in rapidly developing nations like Brazil–will be moving their offices from Lake Avenue to Santa Monica, along with 380 employees. And a leading solar-energy technology company, eSolar, has successfully left behind their offices in Old Pasadena in favor of their new location in Burbank.

This is cause for some worry and a moment to reflect on the current situation and what we must do to remedy these losses.

With regards to the General Plan and the loss of jobs and companies we are currently experiencing in Pasadena, are we ready to face the consequences of an uncertain economic future as a handful of vocal NIMBYs and their vitriol against smart growth development influence the course of this city’s next decade?

Do we truly believe that Pasadena will “always” be attractive for businesses and residents if we, as a city, don’t encourage and nurture their growth? We cannot rest on our laurels as “The City of Roses” and expect to remain competitive as the entire region and state continues to lose jobs. Every company becomes that much more special as the economic pool shrinks. Companies we must fight to keep within our municipal boundaries, while attracting more.

I encourage those who see Pasadena as a city worth living in, doing business in, and investing in to support the continuation of smart growth in Pasadena (not limiting it, or worse, abolishing it), which has garnered the city with much admiration and respect from countless cities who look to Pasadena as a model. Let’s not fix what’s not broken!

Please contact Pasadena’s General Plan Manager, Jason Mikaelian, and let him know that you care about Pasadena’s future and that you want to see it continue its urban planning success by incorporating smart growth principles (not limiting it).

Jason Mikaelian


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  2. Jonathan says

    Will you be at the community workshop that is taking place this Saturday?

    General Plan update:
    Saturday, Sept. 25, 9:00 AM or
    Thursday, Sept. 30, 6:30 PM
    Senior Center (85 E. Holly St.)

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