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Pasadena Restaurant Update

Malagueta Bar and Grill in Old Pasadena recently closed and will be replaced by Arizona chain Pita Jungle

Here are some of the latest developments going on with restaurants in Pasadena with an exciting rumor about an exciting location for a possible new restaurant! The rumor, if true, could help tie together the moribund Paseo Colorado with vibrant Old Pasadena.

New York Deli

Build out for the long-awaited New York Deli (in the former Famima space in Old Pasadena) looks to be complete and should be opening soon

Pita Jungle

Pita Jungle is a small chain from Arizona serving Greek Mediterranean food and popular with vegetarians

Rumor: BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse?

From an anonymous source, it looks like BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse may be in talks to take over the 14,000SF ground floor of the now vacated Premier Jewelry Mall at the corner of Colorado and Marengo. We'll see where that leads to, stay tuned...


  1. Awesome news! Pasadena needs a local brewpub with the recent closure of Brix 42, and the vacancy left by Gordon Biersch. And I love the choice of location. A classy old building, which would certainly link Old Town with Paseo.

  2. Anthony says

    I just wish everything wasn’t a chain store. Thats why New Yorkers hate Times Square.

  3. That’s a great location. I agree about the chains, but they bring people in droves. I’d would have preferred a Lucille’s or Claim Jumper. Now if only the “W” folks would read this blog! ;)

  4. I agree that large chains can make an area seem less unique, but I also believe that it is vital for there to be a balance between indies and chains in order for an area to gain a wider customer base: chains attract large groups of people because of their brand recognition and familiarity, while indies add that surprise factor that spices up the experience.

    Remember, Times Square isn’t the only area of New York that has chains. New York is FILLED with chains of every sort (there’s a Starbucks, Duane Reade (now Walgreens), Banana Republic, etc. on practically every corner) IN ADDITION to indies (your local ethnic restaurant or dry cleaner, etc.).

    Pasadena could become that way (a better mix) if there were better pedestrian connections. If people were encouraged to walk OUTSIDE Old Town or even Paseo, to say, the Playhouse District or South Lake Avenue (and vice versa), it would be a large enough geographic area to provide a much more dynamic and interesting urban experience for shoppers, diners, people watchers, etc. As much as I love Old Town for its historic character and pre-war pedestrian built environment, it is still TOO SMALL by itself. It absolutely needs to be CONNECTED by strong contiguous retail options with Paseo Colorado and beyond.

    It’s like Sim City. You keep adding pedestrian oriented developments (i.e., mixed-use projects, mass transit, parks, landscaping, etc.) to expand the sphere of walkability so that your pedestrian fish bowl (world) is bigger and more liberating.

  5. First of all, Claim Jumper is closing down restaurants so BJ’s is definitely the better choice. Hate to say this but BJ’s has no plans of opening a restaurant in Pasadena.

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