[Video] New Walgreens Neon Signs Spruce Up Corner in East Pasadena

My video of the neon Walgreens sign in East Pasadena

As I described in an earlier post, one of the most fun and interesting design features of the new Walgreens at the corner of Colorado and Sierra Madre Blvd is the use of neon signs that have really added something visually interesting to an otherwise run-of-the-mill stand alone retail building (even though it does attempt to incorporate some streamline moderne architectural features).

I am a big fan of neon and Los Angeles’ history is full of neon splendor from Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood and Beverly Hills. But many of the tastefully artistic, if not commercially inclined, neon signs that once graced grand movie palaces or posh hotels have burned out long ago with some now being brought back to life again as a new generation has begun to see their intrinsic aesthetic qualities with the colorful illuminated gas tubes contorted and shaped into myriad designs that never fail to capture the evening attention.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Walgreens go beyond just installing their conventional signs attached to the store’s facade by adding a neon sign post at the entrance of the parking lot on Sierra Madre Blvd. I wondered if this was a requirement from the city for Walgreens to incorporate some form of art? Nevertheless, the neon sign really does add a nice touch to the corner and accomplishes to kill two birds with one stone: add a fun and tastefully artistic piece to the neighborhood while attracting night time business from those who drive or walk by.

New Walgreens neon sign during the day

New Walgreens neon sign at night

The new Walgreens in East Pasadena is starting to stock inventory and should be open in the next week or two


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  1. Chris Loos says

    Wow, I would never have guessed that the sign is new! I guess they still are making them like they used to after all.

  2. Anthony says

    It’s actually a beautiful sign, a step in the right direction and hopefully projects in the area can be inspired to do something more interesting instead of resting on the intrigue of others.

  3. Lawrence says

    Fun neon signage used to be a hallmark of the L.A urban landscape – its a shame that most of it has disappeared. I’m glad to see Walgreens making an effort like this and I hope we can see more neon signage make a comeback in the area.

  4. carter says

    In fact, I wish this sign would become their corporate standard sign, and that the only deviation from it would be if a city or developer dictated boring channel letters.
    Then we wonder why so many shopping centers all look the same – vanilla boxes in search of channel letters for “decoration and marketing” – not!

  5. Eric Gonalez says

    Is this as a a result of any new Pasadena Design Standards? Or is this just Walgreens way of helping Urban locations spruce up and engage the streetscape?

    • Eric, I think the City of Pasadena pressured Walgreens to incorporate some kind of art into their project. I feel like if Walgreens did it out of the “goodness of their hearts,” there would be many, many more better looking ones throughout Los Angeles!

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