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Restaurants Update for Old Pasadena

New York Deli opens in Old Pasadena

There is still some exciting activity going on in Old Town Pasadena (even during this economic slump) when it comes to new restaurant developments. One of the things I’m glad to see in a district known more for chains is a positive trend toward more neighborhood and local serving restaurants over the past few months, such as Intelligentsia coffee opening right up on Colorado Blvd.

The Luggage Room

The Luggage Room, serving delicious pizza from their gigantic hot oven, is now open at the Del Mar Gold Line station

Green Earth Vegan Cuisine

Although Green Earth Vegan Cuisine has been open for several months now, they just got their sign up recently, which replaced the Hurry Curry sign from the previous restaurant (the "OF TOKYO" can still been seen on the side of the blade sign!). Green Earth is the only location in the U.S. with two others in Toronto and Ottawa in Canada


CREPEstudio has been open for about a month now and recently installed their new bright orange signs up that are great for attracting attenion from passerbys. Remember, mention my blog and receive $2 OFF your order until Nov 15, 2010!

New York Deli

New York Deli is now officially open in Old Pasadena

Another customer recommended that I order the turkey reuben sandwich, which I did and loved every bite

After just getting back from New York last week, it's nice to have a little place here in Pasadena that feels like you could be in a neighborhood in New York

The Market on Holly

The Market on Holly (Cafe & Artisan Foods) takes over the commercial space in the Raymond Renaissance condos that was once planned for Westside eatery BLD

Looks like build out on The Market on Holly has definitely begun but seems like it will take awhile to finish


  1. Hilary Cable says

    Thanks so much! You’ve given me some new places to try. And the turkey ruben looks wonderful. Mmmmm!

    • Hi Hilary, the turkey reuben was so good! I, like the other customer who recommended it to me, also highly recommend it. Let New York Deli know you saw it here on the blog first! :)

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  3. I was at the Luggage Room on Sunday, and my quick review is that it was really, really good. The bacon-wrapped dates appetizer was addictive, the pizzas were delicious, the prices were reasonable, and the service was fantastic and super-friendly. Oh, and their ice cream sundae dessert was probably one of the best sundaes I’ve ever had. I don’t know how they managed to make a regular old ice cream sundae extraordinary, but they did.

    I strongly recommend you get there soon, because it’s not a large space and once word gets out, you’ll never be able to get a table.

    • Wow you’re making my mouth water while reading that Robb! I was going to try out the restaurant anyway, but after reading your post, I think I might have to try it this weekend!

  4. 2 weeks ago we were craving a big deli sandwich and wandered right into New York Deli on their second day open. We eat ate half a sandwich and took the rest home. It was great the next day.

  5. Nabil says

    Finally something’s going in at the Raymond- I was wondering what would eventually take that space.

  6. @Kate – I’m so glad we finally have a real deli here in Pasadena!

    @Nabil – I know right? I was really hoping for BLD, but this new market concept sounds like it could serve the neighborhood even better than just another restaurant.

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