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More Restaurant Updates in Pasadena

Fillmore West Station Coffee & Sandwiches adjacent to Fillmore Gold Line station

Last week, I focused most of the restaurant news in Old Pasadena (i.e., my interview with New York Deli), but there’s a lot happening in other parts of Pasadena as well (including a few even newer developments in Old Pasadena again!). Whoa.


New Japanese Restaurant TBA

According to the landlord, the space located next to the very successful Pop Champagne has been finally leased out and will be a new Japanese restaurant. What kind (i.e., ramen, sushi, etc.) was not disclosed as of yet, but it looks like Union St in Old Pasadena is now actually 100% leased

Pita Jungle

Pita Jungle from Arizona has plastered its posters all over the front of the former Malagueta restaurant which Pita Jungle will replace


Noor Mediterranean Cuisine

The official grand opening of Noor Mediterranean Cuisine was this past Saturday

The grand opening of Noor (meaning "light" in Arabic and Farsi) was attended by Pasadena Councilman Chris Holden (on the left)


Monopole Wine

Located next to the Playhouse Theatre, Monopole Wine--selling exotic wines from France, Italy, Germany, and California--officially opened last week and also has a small bar in the back of the store for onsite enjoyment


Jersey Mike’s SUBS

A small but growing chain in LA, Jersey Mike's Subs is another alternative to the usual suspects for a quick bite (i.e., Subway, Quiznos, etc.) and is now open on South Lake Avenue near Green St


Fillmore West Station Coffee & Sandwiches

I am always glad to see businesses adjacent/near by to mass transit and this new small coffee/sandwich shop is located right next to the Fillmore Gold Line station (hence the name). The owner of the restaurant is shooting for an opening in the second week of December

Fillmore West Station Coffee & Sandwiches is the first sign of hopefully a new wave of development near the Fillmore Gold Line station

Dog Haus

Located a stone's throw from Pasadena City College (PCC), this new commercial building on Hill St is now home to the Dog Haus (as well as Local Meditarranean Grill)

Dog Haus (opened by the collaboration of owners of Pasadena's Neomeze and RedWhite+Bluezz) has been open for a little less than a month and offers eaters a wide range of hot dogs and sausages and burgers

Papillon Cafe & Creamery

Papillon Cafe & Creamery has replaced the Robeks Juice store across from Pasadena City College (PCC)


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  2. I’m glad to see something is going in at the Fillmore Plaza… hopefully it succeeds; I imagine it’ll get most of its business from the surrounding businesses.

    I just wish the whole area around Raymond/Fillmore would see more development though. It’s awfully low density for an area around a Gold Line station.

    • Yes, and that topic actually came up in the General Plan meetings where the city asked whether or not we should have residential, mixed-use projects on Raymond. There are several parking lots or other nondescript low-rise buildings that could be candidates for higher density mixed-use developments.

      I think there are also plans to add student housing on Raymond near the Art Center south campus building, which makes tons of sense for the students and would inject some life onto such a desolate stretch of road.

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