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Westgate Apartments Phase I (Finally) Completed in Pasadena

The new Westgate Apartments in Pasadena are a beautiful addition to a section that was once drab and forlorn

I’ve been covering the development of Westgate in Old Town Pasadena since I first started this blog back in May 2009, so it is particularly meaningful to me to see the dramatic transformation of this once dead and completely irrelevant section of the city turn into a beautifully designed community that has simultaneously played the role of expanding the sphere of walkability here in a maturing Pasadena.

The facades and common areas as well as the sidewalk around the last section of Westgate Phase I is now completed at the corner of Del Mar and Pasadena Ave with 96 rentals (studios, one bedrooms, and two bedrooms) that will be ready for move-ins by early January 2011. According to the management office, 80% of the rest of the complex, which includes 384 units, are currently rented out.

What is so exciting about new developments like Westgate is that they act like new skin cells replacing damaged and aging ones, giving new life and relevancy to sections of the city that would otherwise be completely ignored or forgotten. The new sidewalks, trees and landscaping, and classic-styled lamp posts are just some of the improvements that developments like Westgate add to the community (not to mention the beautifully designed complex itself).

I look forward to seeing the next phases of Westgate start construction (one can only hope).

A new bike lane was added recently on Pasadena Ave (adding much needed bike lanes in general to Pasadena) next to the new Westgate development

New trees, grass, and other landscaping has been added to Pasadena Ave next to the Westgate development

New beautiful landscaping surrounds the Westgate perimeter benefiting the community

A view inside the interior courtyard of the newly completed section of the Westgate development


  1. Nabil says

    These looks great! Do you know if these are apartments for rent or are they apartment homes for sale?

  2. how lau says

    Brigham, Congrats for your blog! Im interested on the “Westgate” and “De Lacey Commons” apartements with 2 bedrooms. Do you know if they have apartments for sale or just for rent?

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