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Third Lovebirds Cafe & Bakery in Pasadena Now Open at the Convention Center

The third Lovebirds is now open at the Pasadena Convention Center

Lovebirds is now open. Another fast casual dining option for the lunch crowd (breakfast is served as well) at the Pasadena Convention Center and possible future dinner hours according to one of the owners I spoke to at the restaurant grand opening last Thursday (Dec 2, 2010).

Serving a variety of custom sandwiches, salads, and nutritional drinks, Love Birds Cafe & Bakery did exactly what I thought it would do by helping to activate the street corner (Marengo and Green) with pedestrian activity where customers entered and exited the restaurant (that translates into energy) and some stuck around a little longer and ate their meals outside as patio seating is provided.

I asked the owner if dinner hours would be in the future, and I was told that that would be the goal as long as they felt enough people would patronize the restaurant to make economic sense. Perhaps the longer summer days would be the best time to launch dinner hours? Currently, the hours are 7AM – 4:30PM every day.


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  2. PatrickP says

    I have to stop reading your blog. It makes me homesick for Pasadena.

  3. Koji Steven Sakai says

    Thanks for the news Brigham. I didn’t know there were two lovebirds! And I’m ashamed to say I haven’t tried any of them. I will have to go some day…

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