[Video] The Brigham Yen Show – Dog Haus Comes to Pasadena

Co-owner of Dog Haus, Hagop Giragossian, talks to me about his new restaurant, Dog Haus, the food, the cool space, and why he and his partners went from owning and operating Neomeze in Old Pasadena to being hot dog restaurateurs.

For more information about Dog Haus, please visit


  1. Koji Steven Sakai says

    I’ll have to try it. What about Slaw Dogs? Have you been there? It’s pretty good! :)

  2. I pass it every day on my way to work but it’s too early in the day to think about eating hot dogs. If only Union were a two-way street, I would pass on my way home and stop in for dinner!

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  4. Lawrence says

    I haven’t tried Slaw Dog yet, but I can say that DogHaus has some of the best hot dogs I’ve ever tasted. Now I think I’ll have to give Slaw Dog a try :)

  5. Geoff says

    I like Dog Haus, but wish they used better quality dogs. Their regular dog is too large in diameter, throwing off the ratio of bun and condiment to dot. Their “snap” dog is smaller, but it’s rubbery and mealy. I wish they would use Vienna or Hoffy natural casing dogs. Then Dog Haus would be near perfect.

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