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Popular “Fork in the Road” Art Piece Gets Permanent Status in Pasadena

Ken Marshall's now-famous "Fork in the Road" art piece (seen here more than a year ago) was given a permit by the city to be reinstated as a permanent art piece in southwest Pasadena

A little over a year ago, a guerrilla art piece in the form of a giant fork was erected overnight in southwest Pasadena (a stone’s throw from Huntington Hospital). The “Fork in the Road” was an ingenious art piece placed on an island median in the middle of the road where Pasadena Ave splits into St John to the left and the continuation of Pasadena Ave to the right.

According to the Pasadena Star News, as creative and wonderful as the art piece was, city officials were concerned about the safety of the public when it came to two things: 1) the location of the art piece sits right in the middle of fast moving traffic so snapping a picture with the giant fork could present some hazards, and 2) the fork could potentially be blown down by strong winds.

So these issues were resolved by moving the fork further back onto the median (further north) so someone taking a picture of it could still stand safely on the median and not on the road. And of course it will now be bolted down to the ground.

During this entire time (more than a year), the fork was stored away and will finally be given a permit by the city early next month with a permanent status granted to this simple and endearing art piece.


  1. Dick Carter says

    Love it!
    One of the more ingenious pieces of modern art that also has meaning.

  2. Peggy Rogers says

    Great website… please put me on your automatic distribution list. Thanks Peg

  3. Holly says

    Cool! Have you seen Exit Through the Gift Shop? Great documentary about street art.

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