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Futuristic Undulating Bike Shelter a Glimpse into Pasadena’s Master Bike Plan?

This bike shelter design was proposed for the Metro Gold Line right-of-way near the Memorial Park station in Old Pasadena (Photo: Peter Tolkin Architecture)

After posting about Long Beach’s wonderful bike lanes that will be fully separated from traffic (so jealous!) and also me lamenting about Pasadena’s current dearth of bike friendly routes (some commenters agreed with me in that post), Angela Uriu from Peter Tolkin Architecture (yes, the same firm that designed the “living vines” office building in South Pasadena) sent me some nice renderings of a once-proposed bike shelter in Old Pasadena near the Memorial Park Gold Line station.

Uriu wrote, “I know the City [of Pasadena] is working on a new bicycling master plan for the city and have already started to implement some of it along select streets.  They also secured our services several years ago to design a bicycle shelter.  Unfortunately, due to litigation between the MTA (who owns the right of way for which the shelter was to be sited) and the contractor who built the train tunnel below the site, [the bike shelter we designed was never realized].”

Personally, I think the Peter Tolkin-designed bike shelter, with its undulating form is aesthetically compelling and is just the kind of edgy design Pasadena could use more of to help put the city not only on the map as a “protected historic town,” but also a city that is on the cutting edge of trends and still relevant to the rest of the world today. If there’s one thing that irritates me about cities, it’s cities that pretend to be something they’re not, and they’re called “museum cities.” Yes, preserve the past, but move on and stay relevant.

Nevertheless, the design of the conceptual bike shelter commissioned by the City of Pasadena proves there was once an interest to make Pasadena one of the more bike friendly communities in the LA area. Will Pasadena pick up the slack and fulfill our expectations? Only time will tell…

A bike shelter designed with just a little more thought could exude a strong message that Pasadena is serious about its commitment to enhancing our bike infrastructure (Photo: Peter Tolkin Architecture)


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  3. Dick Carter says

    In fact, this design could become the norm for any and every city wishing to encourage cycling.
    Bring it on!

  4. It looks very cool! Not sure if it’s the best use for the space, but I’d love to see something useful and attractive go into those right-of-ways.

    Another idea for the space (or the ones adjacent to Colorado Blvd): A weekly Farmer’s Market. Or a weekly food truck festival. Or, heck, both!

  5. cyclistababz says

    A few years ago I attended an LACBC/Metro meeting with staff from Peter Tolkin’s office; very impressive design, we saw a model of the proposed structure. BTW, the late cycling activist DENNIS CROWLEY was very enthused about this project.

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  7. Koji Steven Sakai says

    Pasadena should do what Minneapolis does. They have a bike rental program all throughout the city. Where you can rent a bike throughout the city and then drop it throughout the city. And it is all operated by machine. It was very cool and convenient.

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