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Gold Line Metro Stations Get New TV Monitors

All Gold Line stations, including Memorial Park pictured here, are getting new display monitors that give transit riders up-to-date information on train schedules and times

For those who ride the Gold Line (like transit riders in Pasadena en route to Downtown LA), you may have noticed recently that Metro has been upgrading all the light-rail stations with television monitors and scrolling marquees that will display train schedules so riders won’t be left in the dark anymore when it comes to the “next train arrival time.”

These flat panel TV monitors that provide transit riders with scheduled train times were already installed a few years ago at subway stations on the Red and Purple Lines that traverse through communities like Downtown LA, Koreatown, Silver Lake, and Hollywood, so it is very exciting to see these now being installed at the Gold Line stations as well. It makes you feel excited that you’re a part of something bigger happening in the whole region.

Many cities across the world with rail systems–like San Francisco, Washington DC, Montreal, or London–have up-to-date schedules for train arrivals to keep riders informed and on track. Now that LA’s metro system is expanding and maturing, it only makes sense that we enhance the riders’ experience with up-to-date information regarding their travel times. Keep ’em coming Metro.

New TV monitors with train schedules will take the guessing out for next train arrivals at Gold Line stations


  1. Koji Steven Sakai says

    Are they ever going to be turnstiles in? I’d say half the people don’t pay.

    • I think the turnstiles will eventually go in, but not for awhile. The whole TAP card thing is a mess right now!

      • Ben K. says

        Care to elaborate or to direct me to a link about these delays? I just moved here and was happy to see the TAP card advertised in a tram. It sounds similar to the contactless smartcards for public transport in London and Hong Kong–entering and exiting are so much faster!

  2. Erik G. says


    How do you know this? Do you ask each passenger? Search their pockets?
    Could they possibly have an inter-agency transfer (from Foothill Transit for example) a non-TAP-based pass or a Metrolink ticket?

    Please read this:

    The turnstiles will NEVER be able to be locked (without a substantial further investment in station staffing, moving Metrolink to TAP, CCTV, etc.), so why waste more ($46 million already)money?

  3. Erik G. says


    In the comments of this post:

    …you state “There is not a single MAJOR rail network in the world that I am aware of that doesn’t have turnstiles”.

    As another poster pointed out, Prague has no turnstiles or faregates. I would also suggest you visit any system in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are pretty MAJOR, IMHO.) and also Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Vienna.

  4. Ben K. says

    Amsterdam’s extensive tramway network doesn’t have faregates either. However, most of the tram lines have agents on board to sell and check tickets.

  5. Hello people! It’s the MTA! There was no blue print in any other city for this!!!!!

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