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Construction Update on Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project

The Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project will be completed this summer

Construction commenced in early February on the Pasadena Civic Center Improvement Project that will help spruce up the area around Pasadena City Hall and along Colorado Blvd between Arroyo Pkwy (on the border of Old Pasadena) and Garfield Ave (in front of Paseo Colorado).

The carrotwood trees that were on these blocks along Colorado Blvd will be replaced by the “palm tree and ginkgo” combination that have already been implemented throughout most of Downtown Pasadena. It also looks like there will be new paving along Colorado Blvd to give it a fresh update.

My favorite part about all this is that I hope it will improve the connectivity for pedestrians between Paseo Colorado and Old Pasadena. I am noticing more and more that people are walking along Colorado Blvd between the two centers, but the experience could be improved by a lot and hopefully new landscaping will help. We’ll see.

The new landscaping will help improve connectivity between Old Pasadena and Paseo Colorado for the pedestrians/shoppers

New paving and landscaping along the sidewalk will be added along Colorado Blvd


  1. SuperLarge says

    You mean they took out those large, lovely, shade-giving trees? What morons.

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