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A Bumpy Road: Dublin’s Irish Pub Reopens in Downtown LA

Dublin’s Irish Pub reopens in Downtown LA

You could say Dublin’s Irish Pub is a tough cookie, a survivor with a somewhat tumultuous history. Dublin’s initially started out in West Hollywood located on what used to be the hottest nightlife scene in Los Angeles along Sunset Blvd. It attracted a strong following as one of the main watering holes along The Strip.

However, as other nightlife hot spots popped up around the area during the past decade (i.e., Hollywood and Downtown LA), West Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip found itself having to compete for that nightlife attention that it once dominated in the region. As a result, some changes took place and although another popular spot, Miyagi’s, closed permanently, Dublin’s refused to die.

Dublin’s was determined to stay relevant and it was announced in April of 2010 (almost a year ago) that the Irish pub sports bar would replace the former Ciao Trattoria restaurant in the architecturally exquisite 1926 Fine Arts building on 7th Street in the heart of Downtown LA.

Immediately, the new Dublin’s bar was a hit (it opened in Sep 2010). Packed to the rim with office workers (and DTLA residents) glad to have another happy hour spot to grab a cheap beer. Then unexpectedly, being open for no more than a month, Dublin’s was forced to close its doors by the LA Health Department. Apparently, Dublin’s became a victim of its own success and upgraded the kitchen capacity without proper permits. Its fate was murky at best.

Fast forward several months later to the present and I am happy to report that Dublin’s is now back in business serving up 100 different beers on tap for $3. The bar quietly reopened just this past weekend, but judging by the amount of people I saw inside, there was a sense of normalcy that nothing had ever happened. And the moral of the story? Never give up!

Dublin’s quietly reopened the first weekend in March 2011 after being shut down by the LA Health Dept

Dublin’s replaced the former Ciao Trattoria restaurant on 7th Street in the beautiful 1926 Fine Arts buillding


  1. Lawrence says

    Looks great – I’m glad to see it open again and I’m sure the local workforce will be happy to have another happy hour spot back online :)

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  4. Chris Cain says

    You have some really valuable information published here. Great job and keep posting terrific stuff.

  5. Fuck dublins says

    I hated dublins on sunset because security would never let me in. It’s a shame too because I just turned we 21 and was making a killing in the real estate market during the boom and I was young and dumb with my money ,but it was all worth it, but all the security and promoter saw was a young Mexican gang banger. Fuck Dublins, but I loved all the establishments on sunset. This was in like 2003 when sunset was packed every weekend and you could even have fun and pick up on girls just cruising or walking the street. Sunset in dead now, I always wondered why it died out so bad.

    • DRESS CODE, That’s why , sorry , Former chief of security TONY from 2000- 2004. I was head of security for 4 YEARS , longer than all head of securities combined.After dublins closed,sunset blvd died with it. GREAT OWNER, MARK. Miss u .respect always

      • Yo, Tony it’s Tonyb aka London Anthony! Miss you guys! I was upstairs manager with Frank and Kristen! Alonzo went off to win Last Comic Standing and Dane Cook blew up like crazy…those were the days!

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