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Chipotle Opening Very Soon in Downtown LA

Chipotle "Coming Soon" to Downtown LA at 7th/Grand (across from Bottega Louie)

We all know what Chipotle is and it’s no surprise I’m a huge fan of their delicious burritos (chicken and beef are my favs). Downtown LA had always lacked a large variety of “cheap good eats” that anyone could just pop in spontaneously when they’re hungry to grab a quite bite to eat. I know I’ll definitely be visiting this Chipotle when it opens up at the corner of 7th/Grand in a few weeks.

More pictures of the inside of Chipotle below.

The front counter is pretty much done with construction

There will be plenty of seating for future hungry customers

Lotsa seating will be available at the new Chipotle in Downtown LA

And even more seating in the back for those huge lunch time crowds

Chipotle is opening along the evolving restaurant row on 7th Street


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  2. Koji Steven Sakai says

    Nooooo!!! Chipotle is part of the McDonald’s corp. Downtown needs new and independent businesses.

  3. Lawrence says

    Actually McDonald’s has sold off most of its stake in Chipotle and Downtown needs a mix of both independent businesses and chains. People often forget how huge downtown actually is – there aren’t enough independent businesses around to fill in all of that retail space – there will need to be a mix of both chains and independents. So far downtown has done well at attracting new, independent restaurants and stores and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. A few chains mixed in will add balance and attract a wide range of residents and visitors.

    • Lawrence says

      Actually McDonald’s has sold it’s entire stake in Chipotle as of 2006.

  4. koji steven sakai says

    Lawrence, okay, that’s a little better… but there is better Mexican food out there. May I suggest Taco Bell? Just kidding. :)

  5. Fred Camino says

    Business is business! Chipotle sure beats an empty space!

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