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Eco-Asian Arrives in Downtown LA from Cape Town, South Africa

The new Eco-Asian restaurant under construction in Downtown LA

I was super excited when I learned about this brand new restaurant called Eco-Asian coming to Downtown LA’s ever-growing “Restaurant Row” along 7th Street (across the street from Bottega Louie). Not only do I love Asian food, but this restaurant will have it all. A fusion menu that runs almost the entire Asian gamut: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese.

The owner, Philip, comes to LA direct from Cape Town, the second largest city in South Africa. He owns a restaurant in Cape Town called NoodleBosch that he said Eco-Asian here in Downtown LA will be similar to. I asked him why he chose Downtown LA and he said, “It’s pretty well known that Downtown LA means high volume business and there is high demand here.” In addition to the variety of noodles, rice dishes, and rolls, Eco-Asian will have Vietnamese pho.

What’s also exciting is that Philip has offered to help his immediate restaurant-neighbors (one of them is a casual sushi restaurant) upgrade their signage to a higher aesthetic standard. It’s a great thing to see the kind of care taken to make visual improvements to this area as 7th Street continues to evolve into something really great.

Philip hopes Eco-Asian will be up and cooking in the next couple of weeks (if all the city inspections go through smoothly). Hours will be from 11AM to 9PM, seven days a week. If demand exists for breakfast and later dinner hours, the restaurant’s operating hours could be extended.

Eco-Asian just installed their temporary signage this past weekend

Hundreds of Asian newspapers line the walls and ceilings at Eco-Asian

Reused bottles become pendant lights inside Eco-Asian

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. newspapers line the ceiling and walls in Eco-Asian

Eco-Asian is located across from Bottega Louie at 7th/Grand



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  2. Lawrence says

    Looks good! I love the pan asian concept and this is sure to be a huge hit with the lunch crowd. I think they will be pleasantly surprised by their dinner business as well. Later hours will probably go into effect sooner than they think. Yet another great addition to 7th Street.

  3. That has got to be one of the coolest restaurant interiors I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t wait for it to open!

  4. sarah says

    “A fusion menu that runs almost the entire Asian gamut: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese.” Now all they need on 7th is an Indian restaurant and the row will be complete.

  5. Mike says

    I would love a Kauai and Col’Cacchio in LA – also from Cape Town! (Hopefully Philip will read this!)

  6. Thank you everyone for your support!

    We’ll have an Indian curry on the menu too! The spices are brought from my hometown, Durban in South Africa, which has an enormous Indian population and where the curry blend is unique and distinct! Ask for the Hot Bombay Curry!

    Perfect pizza and smoothies with integrity all in good time!

    Thank you for your interest and putting such a great blog together!

    Looking forward to serving you all!
    Philip – Eco-Asian

    PS We should be opening on Weds 23rd March 2011!

  7. Anton says

    If Eco Asian is anything similar to NoodleBosch in the Cape, its bound to be a huge hit, with Philip at the helm and his attention to detail as well as his ever persistant persuit of perfection,Eco Asian is certain to be a sucesss of astronomical proportion, South Africa’s loss is LA’s gain..
    good luck my son.

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