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[Video] Downtown LA 2011 Survey: What Do You Want to See Open in DTLA?

Watch this 1-minute video on the Downtown LA 2011 survey

The Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) wants to know what presses your button about DTLA. Local bars and restaurants? Artwalk? Historic buildings? What made you first fall in love with Downtown? In conjunction with the 2011 Downtown demographic survey, the Downtown Center BID is sponsoring a Downtown LA “Love Button” at, which links people directly to the survey.

The survey deadline is March 31st. People who “Like” the page and take the survey in the next 10 days will be entered to win a variety of prizes including tickets to the LA Film Festival and $25 gift cards to LAbite. The Downtown Center BID launched its 2011 Downtown demographic survey at the beginning of this month, hoping to leverage all those who love Downtown.

And what is on the top of the wish list? You guessed it: Trader Joe’s.


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  2. Let’s hear it for more BUSHES and TREES downtown! The new zoning codes are terrific, but most of the downtown is grandfathered in under the old solid-concrete mode.

  3. Lawrence says

    There are already quite a few jobs in downtown that are high-paying in the fields of finance, law, architecture etc. I’m all for bringing in even MORE industries that would create these type of jobs – particularly technology. I agree that more trees are needed, but really it comes down to having nice streetscaping that’s consistent, clean and pleasant for the pedestrian. Cities like NY, Portland, and SF aren’t usually brimming with trees, but their sidewalks are clean and the street trees they do have are well maintained and trimmed. Even Pasadena has few significant trees on its commercial corridors, but the screetscaping is nice and consistent. The residential streets are a different story, but then their setup is more suburban in nature so different rules apply.

  4. James Fujita says

    Too many questions about who I am and not enough questions about what downtown is, or needs to be.

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