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New “City Target” and Gensler Signs Now Up in Downtown LA

City Target, one of only two in California (the other in SF), is coming soon to Downtown LA's Financial District

This really got me excited! Two new signs went up over the past week in Downtown LA that are clear indications that some really exciting new changes are coming to Downtown LA that will help continue to push the momentum along for the decade-long revitalization that’s been occurring in our urban core. A new unique urban concept called “City Target” and the renowned architect firm, Gensler, announced their official arrival with new signs in the Financial District.

City Target, the new urban brand for Target, is a smaller version of the larger big box chain that focuses more on urban dwellers’ needs (relevant to the thousands of new residents that now call Downtown LA home). The new sign for City Target went up on the construction fencing for the new FIGat7th shopping center. It was exciting for me to learn that this will be the only City Target in Southern California (so far), and we join other select urban centers around the country that are also getting this new City Target concept including San FranciscoChicago, and Seattle.

And just up the street from the future City Target, I was also really excited to see the bright orange banner announcing the arrival of the architect firm, Gensler, at City National Plaza in the heart of the Financial District. There are two reasons why I am really happy to see Gensler move downtown: 1) It absorbs a long vacant and visually prominent office space, called the “Jewel Box” in the middle of City National Plaza, off the market (lowering the office vacancy rate), and 2) Gensler relocated from a highly attractive location (being Santa Monica), which signals that Downtown LA is really starting to be an attractive location as well for companies to consider investing in.

Both City Target and Gensler coming to Downtown LA is more proof that the momentum is still strong and our city’s urban core continues to be revitalized.

City Target at FIGat7th

Newly branded FIGat7th (formerly 7+FIG) is a clear sign that Downtown LA revitalization is gaining more speed and will start attracting more retailers

"Something FIG is happening" in Downtown LA

Businesses that are staying open during construction, like California Pizza Kitchen, are also getting a touch up in conjunction with the rest of the FIGat7th remodel

Gensler at City National Plaza

Gensler banner is now up announcing their arrival in Downtown LA

Gensler is currently building out their office space and will open in late 2011

Gensler takes up the "Jewel Box" in the center of City National Plaza (above the restaurants Drago Centro and Chaya Downtown)

Gensler takes up the last vacant space in the "Jewel Box" (located in the center of City National Plaza) and joins two flagship restaurants Drago Centro and Chaya Downtown


  1. Lawrence says

    Exciting updates. Target will do extremely well in downtown and it will be great to see an actual business in the jewel box space at City National Plaza. It has been sitting empty for well over a decade I think.

  2. Carter says

    Some time years ago, pre Drago and Chaya openings, there was also a rumor going around that Cheesecake Factory was going to take that 2nd floor space that Gensler will now occupy.
    Ideal space for an architectural firm, though.

  3. Chris Loos says

    I wonder if Gensler has any plans to refurb the outside of the “Jewel Box” or if they will leave it as is.

  4. it’s very good to see the gentrification of the downtown area. it’s been a very big turn around the past decade, and it’s exciting. there is such a vibrant lifestyle in downtown los angeles that many do not see. in fact, i would say downtown LA is in it’s own right, a neighborhood. a neighborhood with it’s own identity.

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