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More Frequent Gold Line Service Starting Monday, June 27, 2011 (Downtown LA ↔ Pasadena)

Shorter waits at stations along the Gold Line as Metro adds more frequent rush-hour service starting this coming Monday to cater to the growing ridership

Great news for those who commute to Downtown Los Angeles and beyond using the Gold Line. According to The Source Metro (L.A. MTA’s official transit blog), starting Monday, June 27, 2011, more trains will be added to service the growing ridership on the Gold Line, which has seen an 11% ridership increase since last year. “​May [2011] ridership levels on the Metro Gold Line reached 36,623 average weekday boardings, an increase over May 2010 ridership of 32,434.”

“The added service will allow trains on the line to operate every six minutes during the peak periods from 6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Metro Gold Line trains presently operate every seven to eight minutes during the peak periods. A total of five, two-car trains will be added to improve the service.”


  1. Robb says

    Of course, more frequent train service means more frequent traffic flow disruptions around the Del Mar and California Blvd crossings… for both cars and pedestrians!

    • Yes, that’s the fault of Pasadena traffic engineers who have done an absolutely horrible job handling the Del Mar/Arroyo Pkwy intersection. The fact that I have waited many, many times trying to cross the street when a train is coming and have not been able to because the lights don’t sync up properly is beyond frustrating. I would take that up with the Pasadena DOT.

      • Robb says

        Yeah, I intentionally avoid walking near the Arroyo/California and Arroyo/Del Mar intersections for that very reason… but it’s unavoidable sometimes, since I live right there.

        • I highly recommend going to the Fillmore Station if you are going to take the Gold Line because the lights aren’t timed all weird because it isn’t a full intersection. Plus, the crosswalk actually has flashing ground-embedded lights for some added feeling of security when crossing!

  2. Robb says

    Oh yeah, I always use Fillmore when I’m taking the Gold Line (I live at California and Marengo)… it’s just that I have to go the other direction if I’m walking to Whole Foods or Luggage Room or something!

  3. Nathan says

    Now can they can extend the last train back from LA?

  4. Kai-Hsu Wu says

    That comes a day after MTA enhances bus service (more bus cut). There is going to great cut in 485. Pasadena local bus service has been cut to born. How are people going to commute once they get out stations? The worst thing, how could people get to Pasadena E of El Monte Station. The message is clear, drive to/out the station, we’ll take care of you. I stop going to Pasadena frequently 2 years ago. It was already a pain at that time. It is going to be more pain. People said it is going to make easier to PCC, JPL, City of Hope easily. I think two legs are faster from the train station.

  5. I rode the Gold Line into DTLA this Sunday and was please–as usual–at how relaxing the trip is, and how clean the cars are. I can’t wait until the Downtown Connector comes online and opens up the Downtown destinations without a transfer!!

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