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Tossed (Salads & Sandwiches) Coming to Downtown LA from New York City

Tossed is coming to 700 Wilshire Blvd in Downtown LA

Tossed is coming to Downtown LA’s Financial District near Wilshire/Hope and will be the first one to open on the West Coast in the country (2nd one if you count Vancouver, Canada). According to the Tossed website, this health-conscious restaurant–serving up “garden fresh salads, crepe wraps and sandwiches”–was started in Manhattan in 1998 where the first location was at Park Ave/23rd St (near Madison Square Park).

The website’s press release gives us more info about Tossed in Los Angeles:

“Tossed’s new Los Angeles franchise will be led by Chris Khaleghian, a long time LA resident with nearly thirty years’ experience owning and operating casual restaurants [like Johnny Rockets in Manhattan Beach]. Khaleghian is personally investing in the franchise along with partners Christi Hogin and Michael Jenkins.” 

What is exciting to me about Tossed opening is that it joins a substantial list of other restaurants that are either already open or will be opening in the Financial District. Restaurants such as Drago Centro, Chaya, Urbano Pizza Bar, Caffe Primo, Industriel, Ocho, Le Ka, etc. have transformed our once deserted-after-5pm Financial District into a bona fide foodie destination, and even more importantly, giving it a “neighborhood vibe” that most financial districts in other cities generally lack (including even Downtown Manhattan).

I spoke to the owner Chris Khaleghian today as he gave me a tour of the space and explained to me how excited he was about opening in Downtown LA (as we also watched his crew put up the “Coming Soon” sign in the window). So excited, in fact, that he wants to open up two more locations in other neighborhoods in Downtown LA. And because Khaleghian will be taking advantage of LA’s restaurant “hospitality express” program, he expects to open up faster and hopes to be serving up those fresh salads by November 2011. 

A sign announcing Tossed coming to Downtown LA at 700 Wilshire Blvd (right next to Famima Japanese convenience store) was put up just today (July 20, 2011)

Tossed will serve a variety of fresh salads (Photo: Tossed)

Tossed with also serve crepe wraps and sandwiches (Photo: Tossed)

A rendering of a very modern looking Tossed restaurant in the 700 Wilshire Blvd space in Downtown LA (Photo: Chris Khaleghian)

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  1. Rich says

    You saw this before I did, and I live across the street. Dood!

  2. Raymond 3000 says

    are we already reaching an over-saturation of salad & sandwich places Downtown already? we got Freshii, Petail(8th/fig), Groundfloor cafe (Spring), Green Hut Cafe, etc how many more of these types do we need? either way if hes looking at expansion within DT maybe South Park & Arts District should be the biggest contenders.

    • Don’t forget the second tallest building in LA, the 62-story AON Tower, sits directly across the street from Tossed with a lot of hungry office workers.

  3. crystal says

    The other salad style places in the area aren’t open for weekend or evenings. That’s what I think is missing. Some place can pick something up after work for dinner. Hope/Wilshire may not be the best location for evening hours but hopefully some will come soon from someone (Freshii?)

    • The owner, Chris, did inform me that they do plan on testing out weekend hours. If there is a demand, then I’m sure they will stay open 7 days a week.

  4. Lawrence says

    This is a great addition to the area. That space has been vacant forever and it will be nice to have something else activating this block. The renderings of the space look nice.

    • I agree, part of the most important aspect of this restaurant opening will be the sidewalk being activated by pedestrians and another empty space filled and spruced up. Even when the restaurant closes at night, it will give this section of Wilshire Blvd a completely different vibe as I’m sure people will still be able to see inside with some lighting.

  5. Laura Gibson says

    It’s actually the third west coast location. The first one went bankrup and closed due to no assistance from the franchisor. I hope this poor guy gets more help.

  6. Keith says

    I think the first Tossed that closed was up in Central CA….I wouldnt really think Tossed would have worked up there….guess it The other one that closed was in Scottsdale AZ. I had heard the store was really big…..the area also kind of died too. A buddy of mine said there had been a lot of businesses that went under. Glad to see they are still alive and kicking though…I like the name. I looked at their website and looks like they are going into some pretty big markets. Hopefully their food is better than some of the other salad chains coming out. I’ve tried 2 of them and the food sucks!

  7. John Landers says

    They currently have two open franchisees and two company stores. They have closed twelve stores, including three company stores. They did reopen the one in Boston, as an officer owned store. They started with an unproven concept in 2006, sold unsuspecting franchisees on it and then offered them little to no help. Most of those closed. Now, four years later, they have a new unproven concept and have again sold unsuspecting franchisees on the new idea which they will not even build themselves. I wish Chris and the other patsies the best. He will need it, as he will be on his own once he opens. Too bad he didn’t do his due diligence before he signed with this bunch of phonies. He could of received a lot of insight from former, now bankrupt, owners.

  8. I am actually very excited to see this location open. I have been to the store in Boston and absolutely love the food….I have never seen so many people get through a line in such a short amount of time. I am somewhat familiar with the history of the brand. Tossed has been around for 13 years….how much proof do you need? Does Subway sound familiar?? Subway was a complete disaster when they first started….they are one of the reason’s the franchising industry became so regulated by the FTC. I see the locations where these new Tossed’s are going. Tossed must be doing something right, or learned from their mistakes, I don’t know. When you are a landlord and you have a primo site, you don’t give it to a concept that has nothing going for them. Simon Properties is one of the largest mall developers in North America….Tossed is going into their #1 property in FL…. they must see something?? Time will tell….but I think they are reviving the brand at the right time. I wish everyone good luck. It is disrespectful calling someone a patsy when you do not know anything about that person…but that’s just me.

  9. John Landers says

    All I’m saying is that there is no corporate support. That’s why they have closed ten stores. They blame it on location but they picked the locations. The food may be great, but why have 10 locations closed, including three of their own? You must know all of this since you know the history. Do you know how many former owner/operators have filed bankruptcy? Do you know that they no longer do brand reviews? Do you know that no two restaurants serve the same food? I also understand that the two remaining franchisees are thinking of leaving the Tossed system. That will leave ZERO!!! Tossed is exactly where they were in 2006 – selling an unproven concept to unsuspecting entrepreneurs who did no due diligence. If Simon picked them without due diligence, then shame on them. Good food does not a concept make!!!!!

  10. This is my perspective…. First of all, they were not ready to franchise in 2006. I really think they may have grown too fast, not sure. On top of that, this is not a concept that should be over 2000 sq/ft….I think there is one that almost 4000 according to a friend of mine?? To make things even worse, I would think most leases were signed in 2006 and 2007….height of the real estate market, which makes rent factors probably 40% higher than they are today. Not to say that this is the reason, but when you are in an area that doesn’t have a lot of traffic, whether there is support or not, you won’t succeed. According to you they closed 3 of their own, I didnt know that. But case in point, there was obviously something wrong with the model at the time if their own stores didnt succeed. Whether they chose the sites or not is irrelevant now because looks like they are picking some pretty darn good sites. I am not trying to make excuses for these guys, just trying to say the “now”, is not 2006. As far as the menu goes….well, it’s a two way street. I understand their has to be corp compliance, however, the menu is on the website….why would anyone do any different??? If a franchisee has to be babysat, they probably shouldn’t have done a franchise.
    I do not know how many people went bankrupt….although I do know over 150,000 business filed bk over the last 5 years.

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