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Construction Update on New Genesis Affordable Housing in Downtown LA

Construction of the New Genesis project in Downtown LA is about half-way completed

A rendering of the New Genesis when completed (Photo: Killefer Flammang)

The LEED-Platinum certified New Genesis affordable housing mixed-use project has been rising quietly on Main Street over the past year. A rendering from architect firm Killefer Flammang shows a well-designed, modern 7-story building that will contain 106 units intended as supportive housing, mostly for the formerly homeless in the area, and 25% of the units will go toward working individuals making less than $37,260 annually, according to the Downtown News.

Also, as a result of the influx of market-rate paying residents that have moved into the Historic Core over the last decade (i.e., Main, Spring, and Broadway), the developer of New Genesis, Skid Row Housing Trust, decided to alter the usual format of this affordable housing project by including ground floor retail and moving the social services that would have been usually included on the ground floor to facilities within the building. This decision frees up the ground floor retail space and allows it to be leased out to businesses that cater to the general population living in this immediate area (i.e., loft dwellers).

Many cities have a harmonious mix of market rate apartments and condos with some affordable housing sprinkled in, such as New York or even our local Santa Monica. Often times, and to my surprise, the affordable housing project is designed better than the market rate projects, and people go about their daily lives never knowing the difference. I think it’s a very interesting development here in Downtown LA as people of all socioeconomic backgrounds begin to mix and learn to live with each other. And the New Genesis project will be a welcome addition to the Historic Core’s growing neighborhood.

The project was slated to be done by this month (it started construction in April 2010). However, the building construction is only up to the 4th floor with three more to go. I have a feeling it’ll be early winter before it is completed at this rate.


  1. Nick Leathers says

    This is cool… didn’t know it was affordable housing. Your information is much better than Curbed.

  2. Your photo of the construction was taken from the same point of view as the rendering of the completed project. Well done!

  3. Kate says

    This is really a great and nice post.Great post..Keep it up!!

  4. I see trees in this rendering! The building looks great and all, but I’m pretty excited about those trees going in on Main. They look like Hong Kong Orchid trees from the sketch, nice shrubbery around the trunks too! We need more of this in the area.

  5. Lawrence says

    This is a very welcome addition to Main Street. and will really re-invigorate that section of the block. The design is clean and modern and more retail/restaurant space is always nice.

  6. Cynthia says

    Worth noting that Portofino Cucina Italiana (the facade seen in the original photo) has struggled to remain open throughout the duration of this construction, in spite of dust, noise and numerous street/sidewalk closures AND now has a tree-lined patio…a sweet find for lunch…

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