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Reminder: All Day Los Angeles Metro Pass Now Only $5 (Rail + Bus)

(FYI: That's my ticket that I'm showing off!) The price for an All-Day Metro ticket, good on rail and bus operated by Metro, has been lowered to $5 effective Aug 1, 2011

A quick reminder again that our Los Angeles Metro all-day pass, which means you can ride all Metro operated rail and bus lines all day, has lowered its price from $6 to $5 effective August 1, 2011. This is a trial period to see if the new lower price will help generate higher ridership, so if possible, consider taking Metro instead of driving to help save you both money and the headache of driving and finding expensive parking.

What better news for a balmy Los Angeles Friday!


  1. Karen says

    Dang! I totally didn’t see that in time for my metro adventure the other day. I would have totally gone for the all-day pass. Oh well, next time, it is a great deal!

  2. Metro Duo says

    Seniors (62+) have a really good deal — senior day passes are $1.80! So spread the word that Metro is definitely cheaper than gas + parking (even at $5)!

  3. nour says

    $5 a day its still expensive its gonna cost me 150 a month in compare how much i spend on my own car only $80 a month gas hhhhhh its so funny to say that u saving gas money with metro ..good luck.

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