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D’odici Desserts Cafe Soft Opens in Pasadena

The new d'odici cafe soft opened yesterday in Pasadena

Serving up souffle cheesecake desserts and lattes among other delectable goodies, d’odici Cafe (lowercase “d”) soft opened yesterday after 5 months of build out (since March 2011) in the former Carvel Ice Cream space that went out of business.

I met the owners of d’odici last night and got the grand tour (and taste) of the beautiful little cafe. There are actually three partners who own and contributed toward the idea of d’odici: Sang Beom Seo, Alex Nars Seo, and Jenny Chan. All three graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and their attention to detail and creativity really shined through in the cafe’s design, a well executed modern, yet vintage classic space that felt comfortable to be in–not sterile and intimidating.

Located where the demolished¬†State Theater used to be on Colorado Blvd directly across the street from Target and a stone’s throw from Vroman’s Bookstore, “d’odici” means twelve in Italian or may also connote midday or midnight according to Alex Seo.

She told me they chose the name because “every hour in the day is a different ‘color’ to people, how you feel, what you do, even what you listen to can be different every hour depending on your mood,” Seo explained. “We hope to bring that ‘color’ to life with our desserts and our store’s design, especially yellow, which is a symbol of energy and life.”

In addition to a wide variety of souffles (some ingredients/flavors will be seasonal such as “pumpkin” when Halloween and the Holidays come up later this year), d’odici will also serve up whimsies, coffee, tea, and fizz (a special flavored drink).

The last thing I learned about d’odici is that the entire store’s design and concept centers around “a story” about the little girl on the walls with the yellow dress. This little girl “prances” around the walls in hand-drawn murals (done by Alex Seo herself) adding “color” and “life” to the cafe and the food.

An actual grand opening will take place later in September. But the cafe is now officially open.

D'odici cafe menu

A wide variety of delectable fruity souffles at d'odici is available

"d'odici" means twelve in Italian or in this case midday or midnight

Customers make their order at d'odici

The little girl in the yellow dress is the cafe's inspiration for adding "color" to life

A closer look at the little girl in the yellow dress seen on murals throughout the cafe

d'odici owners Jenny Chan, Sang Beom Seo, Alex Nars Seo

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  1. Wow, this is a great addition to the Playhouse District. Didn’t realize that that building was new, it’s a very good historical reproduction.

  2. Cindy says

    Wow, so excited to see this space turned around so quickly. I’ll definitely be stopping by this weekend.

  3. The souffles look delicious! And the murals of the little girl are precious. I’ll try to stop by sometime this week.

  4. Lawrence says

    Good to see this place open. Carvel was awful and this is a great improvement. Hopefully they succeed here and consider opening a location in Downtown L.A :)

  5. Erica says

    The place is so nicely put together. Very tasteful and the attention to details is so obvious and pleasing. The cheesecakes are very nice and light and not too sweet. For to-goes, they actually box the cheesecakes very nicely. An excellent gift idea as the packaging is very impressive and presentable and the cheesecake itself is quite a treat. Very friendly. Highly recommend it.

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