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Uniqlo (Japan) and TopShop (UK) Coming to LA by 2012?

Uniqlo's largest global flagship store at 89,000 SF is under construction on 5th Ave in New York with plans to open on October 14, 2011

TopShop in SoHo has been the only store in the country since 2009 until last week when the second location opened up in Chicago

Some exciting news on the fashion retail front! Last week as I was in New York I learned that both Uniqlo (from Japan) and TopShop (from UK) are definitely planning on moving out to LA sometime in the near future. Possibly as early as next year in 2012. I spoke to the manager of each store (both are in SoHo) to confirm the status of their expansion plans.

At Uniqlo, I was told that corporate has informed store associates that they “must be willing to travel out to California by next year (2012).” Possibly to help train new employees and open new stores. However, the store manager wasn’t absolutely sure whether it would be LA or SF that would get Uniqlo first, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Union Square got it first only because it’s the main shopping hub in SF. It’s a little harder in LA to determine where to open up first as it is too fragmented. And that’s exactly why I hope Downtown LA becomes our main shopping hub for LA someday, reducing the confusion on where the “center” of the region actually is.

Anyway, TopShop also told me that “LA isn’t far” from their expansion plans. The manager told me that Las Vegas would be first to open on the West Coast in 2012 at The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. And that LA and Miami would be the next ones afterward.

These two popular, “fast fashion” clothing stores have been exclusively in New York for awhile now (Uniqlo opened in New York in 2006 and TopShop in 2009, both in SoHo) and TopShop barely opened their second location in Chicago last week. They will be exciting additions to LA when they do eventually open here and I really do hope that Downtown LA will also be on their radar screens. In fact, wouldn’t it be amazing if they decided to open at the newly remodeled FIGat7th? That would really put Downtown LA on the fashion map.

Perhaps Uniqlo and TopShop will both open in the newly remodeled FIGat7th? (Photo: FIGat7th)


  1. Illithid Dude says

    I hope Top Shop would open up in downtown. That store is huge destination, and would draw people from all across the city.

  2. OMG, I have been waiting for Top Shop to open in L.A forever! Downtown would be perfect. :D

  3. Lawrence says

    Downtown is precisely where this type of shopping needs to be. The Westside is over saturated and downtown is not served at all. Uniqlo & TopShop – if you’re listening, please open in dowtown!

  4. Raymond 3000 says

    I would like to see Uniqlo either
    1. in 7 @ Fig,
    2. somewhere alot 7th Street, between Fig & Los Angeles St.
    3. in Little Tokyo seeing that it is a Japan based company that in itself would almost cement LiTo as a prime regional shopping destination.
    4. Somewhere on Bway or Spring Sts (I predict Spring Street since it is becoming DTLA’s SOHO type area)

  5. Raymond 3000 says

    sorry forgot to add I Could also see Top Shop either on Spring Street, or somewhere in the Fashion District. Imagine that!!

  6. Chris says

    This is exciting! Uniqlo ROCKs for jeans! I got jeans there when visiting NY last year and get so many compliments on them, and they were so cheap. I can’t wait for them to open in LA!

  7. Margo says

    As much as I love both stores, I’ll be sad once they make their way to LA. It’s nice to get some fun stuff that not every fourth girl you pass is wearing.

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