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[Video] City Target Construction Update at the New FIGat7th in Downtown LA

That’s me and Ron (the Director of Construction for SoCal) standing inside the cavernous space that will become City Target, while we both point at the new staircase off of Figueroa

It’s amazing for me to think about what it’s going to be like in exactly one year when the newly remodeled FIGat7th re-opens in Downtown LA along with the very much anticipated arrival of City Target as the first announced anchor tenant in the revamped shopping center.

We are all waiting anxiously to find out what other retailers and restaurants will sign on, but I am confident that popular brand names will be revealed soon, which will be a tremendous milestone in Downtown LA’s continued revitalization. We have the restaurants, now we need the shopping. My wish is for Uniqlo and TopShop!

This week, Brookfield Office Properties (the owner of FIGat7th) took me on a hard hat tour inside the active construction site at FIGat7th, and specifically, City Target. Standing inside the cavernous “raw shell” of City Target was just amazing to me. Not only will this be a completely unique “urban version” of Target in all of Southern California (there are only 4 others in the country right now), but I could imagine the vast space I was standing in of approximately 100,000 square feet completed and filled with happy “Tar-jay” shoppers.

Ron, the Director of Construction, told me that new freight elevators were just installed and that he expects City Target to take over and start build out in early March 2012 finishing in the fall around this time next year.

In addition, I also learned from the tour that the new food court on the bottom level will be named “Taste” and the restaurants will mostly, if not all, be LA-based concepts. One of the original restaurants in the former 7+FIG, Georges Greek Cafe, will likely be returning to the new FIGat7th. FYI: Georges Greek Cafe currently operates a food truck that stops by during lunch on the upper plaza level every week (along with a few other familiar food trucks).

Take a peek inside City Target Downtown LA under construction!

The very much anticipated new FIGat7th will open next fall and be a milestone in Downtown LA’s continued revitalization into a 24-7 urban center

FIGat7th under construction in Downtown LA

The two large cylindrical columns will be transformed into illuminated signage for the stores inside the shopping center

New staircase off Figueroa provides easy access into the shopping center creating a much more open feel than the previous design

Standing on the bottom level where the new “Taste” food court will be (some retailers will also be on this level)

This pit will house the mechanics for the dual (up and down) escalators

Looking up at those joist beams, they will support a newly expanded walkway in front of City Target’s entrance

Feast your eyes on the vast cavernous space that will become City Target in exactly one year

A friendly reminder that these businesses are still open during construction

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  1. Bryan says

    I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm for the redevelopment, but don’t share your zeal for another Target, City-style or not. It’s hard for me to be excited for a national retailer with such a committed right-wing corporate body that actively works against the rights of people like you and me.

  2. i’m just happy i can buy toothpaste from more than one place now! this will bring down ralph’s death grip!

  3. Karin Liljegren says

    I’m very excited for Target and all the 7+Fig improvements – goodbye nasty cavernous hole, hello more integrated, urban friendly court!

  4. Lynda says

    From USC, I can just DASH It over and get all my supplies for me and my family. I am so happy that a large retailer is coming to DTLA. It was about time we stopped driving to other communities to spend our money. It’s best used when we use it in our local areas where actually live. Can’t wait for the grand opening!

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