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More Frequent Train Service Coming to Los Angeles in 2011

More frequent train service (every 10 min after 6pm to midnight) is coming to Los Angeles as soon as this weekend

This is the kind of news that always makes me happy and optimistic about where LA is headed for in the future as we continue to improve rail service and wean ourselves off from our embarrassing “car addiction.” According to the LA MTA (Metro) official blog, The Source, more frequent train service will begin¬†this weekend starting November 13, 2011. Yes, I’ll repeat. Starting this weekend, train service on Metro’s busiest lines (the Red, Purple, and Blue lines) will have 10 minute (instead of 20 min) headways between 6pm to midnight. That means less time waiting for the next train, which will make the metro system service more attractive, hopefully gaining higher ridership as a result. If it’s a success, then Metro may eventually apply the same frequency to the other lines (including the Gold Line and future Expo Line from Downtown LA to Culver City opening early next year). LA takes another step toward urban maturity.


  1. raymond3000 says

    Now can we work on adding later trains til 3 am, maybe just weekends only? That alone will have Metro hitting astronomical numbers in ridership than it ever has in its short existence.

  2. Jerell says

    I agree, Metro should start working on trains operating late night hours like 3 or 4 AM.. for example what if you live in downtown but wanted to go to a club or bar in Koreatown or Hollywood?? Clubs end i think at 3am in LA?? so you would need time to hop back on the subway to downtown.

    GOOD NEWS THOUGH!!! =] slowly but surely maturing.

  3. This is huge. Frequency is a major factor of convenience.

    Just to rehash, I’d say the areas for improvement, in order of importance are:

    Service Areas (does it go where I need to go?)
    Hours of Operation
    Safety (this will fluctuate in importance depending on one’s vulnerability)
    Predictability (on-time)
    Ease of Use (can I figure it out easily)

    Any others?

    By the way, we seem to be making improvements (or staying steady) in all areas, except safety. Seems like there’s been a few incidents recently on the trains that could be extremely problematic if they form a trend.

  4. This is great news – thanks for sharing.
    There’s many times I’ve taken a cab instead of the train to Hollywood because of the train frequency. I won’t stand on a subway platform for the amount of time it takes to hop and cab and be home already – I’m so glad they’re finally realizing the evening and weekend needs.
    The new head of Metro has really made some GREAT changes to the trains!

  5. Lawrence says

    This is very welcome news. Anything that provides an alternative to driving after a night out is great! I am also in favor of extending hours for key lines (red, purple etc.) until 3 am or later to allow alternative means of getting home. Hollywood is a bona fide nightlife destination as are downtown and koreatown, but at the moment we basically require every party to have a designated driver, or we indirectly encourage drunk driving by not providing an alternative, though I do see many cabs in Hollywood these days transporting club-goers home, which is good. This a great start – hopefully an announcement about later hours isn’t too far behind.

  6. Now they just need to extend service to 3 or 4am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. People going out on weekends and people who WORK at these places can finally have the option to take transit. Once they do that then we REALLY have something. One day, hopefully, it should be a 24-hour system as there are so many people who work around the clock that would probably use Metro if they could.

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