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Downtown LA Families: Take a Survey and Help Recruit a K-6 Charter School to Downtown LA

Children come to Downtown LA from other parts of LA County for school field trips but now a school is needed in Downtown LA for those who live here

Many years ago, a younger demographic was attracted to Downtown LA’s new urban living option–usually the case for up-and-coming locales that appeal to a younger and more open-minded generation. Those same folks, thousands and thousands to be exact, eventually “grew up” and many of them also found spouses and mates. Instead of deciding to move out of Downtown LA, many of them had fallen deeply in love with their community and consider Downtown LA to be home, just like any other established part of the LA region.

And some of those babies living in Downtown LA–2,700 according to the DCBID and Downtown News–are under 5 and nearing school age. Many parents are caught in a very difficult situation regarding their children: leave the community they love and were a part of building early on because there are no elementary schools, or stay downtown and endure the inconvenience of having to take their children to schools outside of Downtown LA.

The Downtown Center BID is now joining a group of determined families who live downtown to recruit a K-6 elementary charter school to open in Downtown LA.

A survey for Downtown LA families has been created to help toward that important goal that will help make Downtown LA a mature and stable residential community. If you live downtown and have children, please take this survey.


As more children are being born to those parents who love and live downtown, it becomes ever more apparent the need for a great school to open downtown