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Den.m Bar: Downtown LA’s First Custom Denim Workshop Now Open in the Historic Core

Den.m Bar grand opening during the March 2012 Downtown LA Art Walk

We all know that LA is the denim capital of the world. What premium denim line isn’t from LA? Even so, LA’s vast land of denim just got a little hotter last night with the debut of Den.m Bar (during the Downtown LA Art Walk), a new retail concept now open in Downtown LA’s Historic Core. The name of the store aptly describes the first custom denim workshop to open in Downtown LA (in recent times at least) where a variety of popular denim cuts are tailored to the customer’s unique physical specificities.

I got a nice little tour of the shop and a rundown of the store’s concept from two of the co-founders (there are three), Steven Chiang and Richard Wang, who were seen busy accommodating the constant line of art walk attendees filling the diminutive space lined with denim fabric and sewing machines.

So how does all this work?

It’s pretty simple. Basically, after you choose the fit/style and fabric you want, you’ll be measured and your new pair of denim will be made-to-order with a turnaround time between 7-10 days. They even provide free shipping with each order. From Slim Tapered to Skinny Straight to just Skinny, the preferred cut can be further tailored, giving the buyer even more control of how the jeans ultimately fit. 

According to Den.m Bar’s website, their “expert in-house seamstresses use the finest materials sourced from denim mills in the US, Japan, and Europe to create a pair of jeans you can hold onto for a damn long time…with free repairs for five years.” The list of denim fabrics offered at the workshop include: Kaihara Denim, Nisshinbo Denim, Cone Denim White Oak (from North Carolina), Kurabo Denim, and Canadian Denim.

Den.m Bar is located on 7th Street between Spring and Main in the Historic Core. The new store adds not only a unique shopper’s experience with customized denim, but contributes to the growing stock of new retailers opening in Downtown LA that will eventually become, I believe, the region’s premier urban shopping district.

Popular denim styles can be further tailored to meet the customer's specific needs

Co-founder Richard Wang (in white shirt) helps with denim fabric selection

A variety of denim jeans are available for customers to vet

The Den.m Bar label

Den.m Bar denim buttons

The creation and customization of denim is actually done in the store

A vintage Singer sewing machine

Center map
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  1. Oh this is awesome – I really hope our downtown is becoming a shopping destination for unique places like this.

    • Clark, I think it’s definitely happening. As Downtown LA becomes more attractive, it will draw even more talent and creative energy from across the world as people who come to LA will inevitably wind up coming downtown and falling in love with Downtown LA’s authentic urban atmosphere and architecture.

  2. Hi Brigham! I heard you ran into S.C. last night. I am a friend of hers and have heard all about your blog! Will subscribe now! Love this post btw. I think you did an excellent job covering all the fundamentals. I’ve also blogged about it too… but yours is better! :)

  3. I just went with my boyfriend and another friend to get measured and pick out our materials, buttons, etc. I love that they have fun colored fabrics for the inside pockets! Can’t wait to get my new jeans!
    I believe the 50% off is until March 15, 2012.

  4. That is hard to beat! I have a lot of Japanese denim, and getting custom made jeans with denim you pick out at reasonable prices is amazing. Nice $200 jeans seem very inexpensive to me. The best part? They are local to Downtown! I know we will be going to check the store out early this week.

  5. Rosalind says

    Very cool to see a custom denim workshop pop up in DTLA. I do wonder I can’t wait to check them out to start designing my very own custom jeans!

  6. Harold says

    I just got my order last week and they are amazing. I have never been much into jeans because of the lack of fit, but these fit perfect. Looks like I might have to make some room in my closet for my collection of Den.m Bar jeans!


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