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Finally: LA’s Much Anticipated Expo Line Phase I to Open April 28, 2012

The much anticipated Expo Line Phase I is now expected to open April 28, 2012, connecting Culver City, Expo Park/USC to Downtown LA

Angelenos have been through a range of emotions lately, both highs-and-lows from excited to frustrated, hopeful to being disappointed when it comes to the Expo Line Phase I–a 8.6 mile light-rail line from Downtown LA to Culver City–that has been delayed and delayed as Metro worked diligently under intense public pressure to address some technical issues that kept the very much anticipated rail line from opening on time.

Today, the LA Times and The Source have confirmed that the Metro Board has determined that (at least for now) the opening date of the Expo Line Phase I will open to the public on Saturday, April 28, 2012. The opening will initially operate trains to the La Cienega station only and extend the operation of the line to Culver City by sometime in the summer according to The Source.

This line will be a tremendous asset to Downtown LA (and LA overall, of course). I expect thousands of riders to take the train into The City where these riders will become full-fledged pedestrians once they hit the sidewalks of Downtown LA, adding more foot traffic and injecting energy to the urban landscape, which will make Downtown LA feel more lively and attract even more people. This will greatly benefit the restaurants and retailers that are choosing to open downtown, possibly adding enough demand to increase business hours into the weekends.


  1. We’re really eager for this — especially since one of us lives near the Gold Line in Pasadena and the other near the Expo Line in Palms. We’ll be riding very frequently.

  2. It’s always fun to ride the trains around. It slowly looks like it will be more than just fun, and actually a huge time saver to travel all around LA. I hope that this points to further well planned mass transit into the future.

  3. Lawrence says

    @Brandon. The trains are actually a huge time saver for those who already live and work close to the lines. I commuted daily from Pasadena to Downtown L.A for 4 years and benefited from time saved by not driving, not to mention an improved quality of life.

    Also – we should be wary of comparing transit to the private automobile. In any city with transit access, driving can take less time if traffic conditions cooperate, but using transit is a lifestyle choice and offers an alternative option to those that don’t want to depend on driving a car for everyday needs. Case in point: If traffic is reasonable you can drive across NYC in a shorter amount of time than it would take to use the subway, but the subway can be a much more fulfilling experience and allows the city to function the way it does. Increasingly that will be true in the most dense parts of L.A, especially downtown L.A

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