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Downtown LA’s Sixth Famima Convenience Store Now Open on Broadway

Famima on Broadway is now open (24 hours a day)

Just a couple of weeks ago, we saw Famima still building out their newest and sixth location in Downtown LA on Broadway. It is now officially open and has given us yet another glimpse into the future of what Broadway could look like: a beautiful street that is clean and well taken care of instead of the dilapidated condition that most of the buildings and shops are in today.

Also, what really stuck out to me was the patio dining area that Famima has within the Spring Arcade corridor. For once, this portion of the corridor looked “orderly” and not haphazardly slapped together. I could imagine the same kind of standard implemented throughout the Spring Arcade corridor, transforming this treasure along Broadway into LA’s version of the Ferry Building in San Francisco or Covent Garden in London.

Famima on Broadway is open 24 hours a day.

Famima on Broadway is the Japanese convenience store's sixth location in Downtown LA

Famima advertises its grand opening with discounts on certain products

The patio seating area outside Famima is a welcome change inside the Spring Arcade corridor

I imagine the Spring Arcade becoming LA's version SF's Ferry Building or London's Convent Garden

Imagine the Spring Arcade evolving into the Ferry Building:

The Ferry Building Marketplace in SF gives us an idea what LA's Spring Arcade could evolve into as it continues to attract new high quality businesses (Photo: Jim Kix of Nomadic Pursuits)

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  1. Chris L says

    I love it. Any potential retailers that couldn’t already visualize the potential of the Spring Arcade building with all those messy discount stalls currently there, surely will be able to now. I am grateful for Famima to being the trailblazer here. I am confident that within a couple years, Spring Arcade will be transformed.

  2. Dion says

    or even Fanuel hall in Boston. Looks great and so much potential. isnt a bar opening up in there too? Villains Tavern or something like that?

  3. carter says

    Oh, but on a windy day, that corridor can be mighty chilly.
    Plan accordingly.
    But oh so glad this stretch of Broadway and Spring are getting the realized potential out of all those old buildings, one retailer at a time!

  4. Alan says

    Yes, Royal Clayton’s Pub, but on the opposite end of Spring Arcade on the Spring Street side in one of the current electronics store spaces. I’m guessing it’ll be the larger of the spaces (the store currently closer to 6th Street) but I’m not sure about that.

  5. The Ferry Building is magnificent! I’ve been in there a few times when I’ve taken trips to Frisco and the layout is very organized. LA needs something like the Ferry Building!

  6. brudy says

    @Dion – Sorry but Faneiul Hall in Boston is nothing but a tourist trap with bad chain restaurants and stores, a crappy outdoor mall. While I admit we could use more retail downtown, it’s a low bar to shoot for. Spring Arcade could be so much more than that.

    I’m psyched about the outdoor seating at Famima! And one less reason to ever go into that 7-11 again.

  7. Love the Ferry Building ambitions! Would love to see that space transformed.

    @Brudy – fully agree that any time NOT spent in that 7-11 is time well spent!

  8. archie says

    This is a great developement. That arcade could be a downtown treasure like the Ferry Bldg. market in SF or a bit like our 3rd and Fairfax Farmer’s Market. I could see a Nancy Silverton Bakery outpost with tables and chairs for noshing, or an Intelligentsia coffee outpost, as well as a few produce stalls, and some healthier “street food”. While we’re on Broadway, I wish the giant Orpheum sign on the top of the building could be lit as well as the Tower Theatre signs and the Rialto neon marquee. That block looked very exciting last Saturday when the CHINATOWN screening at the Orpheum let out and mixed with the Broadway Bar and Umamicatessan street traffic.

  9. I am totally disappointed in the way Famima is targeting the homeless. They have tagged a new policy onto their coffee coupon. You now have to purchase something in order to redeem your coffee coupon, at least the homeless does.
    If you are dressed neat and dont.look homeless, well, you can redeem your coupon.
    But, if you look homeless, which i am not, your coupon is worthless. I have witnessed Famima employees talking down, and sometimes even challenging homeless people to fight! I witnessed this at the Down Town Union Station Famima.!
    Discrimination is an ugly thing and Famima shows plenty of it.
    Yes there are homeless who give them a hard time from time to time, but does this justify prejudice and discrimination along with high prices?

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