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One Giant Leap for LA: Expo Line Begins Service Tomorrow on April 28, 2012

The Expo Line to Culver City, opening this weekend, adds to LA's expanding metro system (Photo: Steven Harris)

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for Angelenos as LA’s newest rail line, the Expo Line, begins service from Downtown LA to La Cienega (along Exposition Blvd) with eventual service to Culver City by mid-summer.

The new rail line allows those who do not want to drive (and obviously those who do not have cars at all) to access some of LA’s most significant cultural and educational destinations, car-free, including USC and Expo Park, which includes the newly renovated Natural History Museum as well as the newly expanded California Science Center (to permanently exhibit the coveted Space Shuttle Endeavor).

It bears repeating that investing billions into rail lines to any city is not meant to relieve automobile congestion, but to provide an effective alternative for those who either do not want to drive or do not have cars. Basically, it’s about encouraging a walking lifestyle, not just making it easier for drivers to zip around town.

Most cities that have fantastic rail systems still have notoriously bad traffic. Think New York, Tokyo, or London. LA will be no different from those cities. As our rail network continues to expand, auto congestion will still be there but those who choose not to drive will now have the ability to get around with ease, forgetting about the other world of drivers stuck in traffic. Think about it: Do you really care about traffic if you’re walking in Manhattan and you’re not a driver?


  1. Clark says

    Very exciting indeed – and ready to start soon on the Crenshaw and extended Purple lines.
    Now if they’d just take those orange and gray busways off the subway map. It’s got to to be incredibly confusing to a tourist looking for the Orange line subway that connects to the NOHO Red line terminus.

  2. Carter Rubin says

    Apparently London’s actually started to get a handle on its notorious traffic thanks to — wait for it — congestion pricing! It turns out that’s about the only effective way at reducing traffic. Well, that and economic collapse.

    • And here I thought it was the ridiculous cost of buying a parking spot in the city. Not giving any hints whatsoever to high gas prices, car taxes, and expensive parking spots as a way to stop people from driving. Instead it looks as thought Los Angeles might be doing this right by offering easy to use transportation. So easy in fact that my Mom has been taking the metro to her new job from Glendale everyday for the last year.

  3. This is so awesome!!! I don’t have a car, but get to borrow my boyfriend’s if I plan ahead. Would love to be able to take the Metro train to Culver City! Woohoo!!

  4. Simon Ha says

    I went for a test ride with my daughter. We stopped at the Natural History Museum on the way back. It was a smooth ride but I was a bit disappointed that the trains weren’t new. I can’t wait for the Curver City station to open so i can enjoy Father’s Office and the Jazz Bakery.

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