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Sport Chalet Leases 27,000 Square Feet at FIGat7th in Downtown LA

Sport Chalet plans to open a new 27,000 SF anchor store at the new FIGat7th retail center by May 2013 (Photo: FIGat7th)

After months of speculation, sporting goods giant Sport Chalet has officially announced that they will take over about 27,000 square feet (26,800 SF to be exact) in the new soon-to-reopen $40 million makeover of FIGat7th in Downtown LA’s Financial District. Sport Chalet’s new location downtown will be another anchor for the retail center in addition to City Target (now with plans to open by Thanksgiving). With Smart & Final Extra and Soleto opening down the street on Figueroa, the area is finally gaining a critical mass of businesses that will help activate the sidewalks with pedestrians.

Known for their wide selection of athletic apparel and fitness equipment, Sport Chalet adds another prominent retailer to Downtown LA’s growing list of retail shops. With plans to open by May 2013 in the lower level courtyard (where the upscale food court Taste will be), I am glad to learn that this new Downtown LA location will incorporate some “enhanced” upgrades that will help distinguish it from the rest of the chain’s more plain store designs.

According to Sport Chalet’s press release from yesterday, “This store will open with the next generation design of enhanced displays, fixtures, and graphics to reinforce its brand and technical merchandise and service offerings.”

Sport Chalet currently has 54 locations in four states (California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah) stocking brands like Nike, adidas, DC, Precor, Diamondback, Roxy, Quiksilver, New Balance, Under Armour, Columbia, and The North Face in clothing, shoes, and sports equipment. They offer sporting goods for all sports activities including fitness, tennis, basketball, fishing, soccer, skateboarding, golf, fitness, baseball, running, camping, SCUBA, and swimming.

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  1. This is perfect for that location and exactly the type of retail we need there. I love the independent clothing boutiques, etc. that are growing up along the streets, and this type of major retailer adds another layer. It’s also well suited for the retail-mall type development that Fig@7th is. Next I’d like to see some mid-high end clothing stores (and an Apple store?) in street-facing locations.

    • I agree. At first I wasn’t too excited about Sport Chalet, but from my understanding, this will be a new concept in store-design for the chain. After some thinking, I also agree that this is definitely the “right kind” of business for FIGat7th. I would love to see Nordstrom Rack and/or Marshalls come to FIGat7th as well!

      I generally think Downtown LA should have EVERYTHING (from discount to upscale), which will make us not only a center for shopping, but will provide residents with more options that appeals to a broader range of people.

  2. sebastian says

    I came across this notice on the fig&7th website which was a surprise, I really do think it’s a good thing for the residents, but it’s not a a type of store you would want to put on Melrose or Colorado Blvd, and I think over time 7th street will become a destination like Colorado Blvd, so it’s good they didn’t put it there. I think 7th street would be great to house an Apple store, and or some nice clothing stores.

  3. sebastian says

    It would be awesome too if they incorporated some antique stores on broadway or spring. We should have an antique stores street like new orleans has Royal street.

    • brudy says

      I would argue that given the limited geography of downtown, we should avoid having large concentrations of any single type of shop. Small cluster perhaps, but not to much. Look at the jewerly district as an extreme example.

      In terms of content, I think you’d need to define antiques. A mid-century/mod store would work downtown, but given the aesthetic of the lofts, I don’t see a store surviving if it focused on anything earlier than early 20th century and modern at that.

  4. Hey Brudy! I’m a mid-century/mod store in downtown who just celebrated my 3rd year anniversary. Maybe you don’t live downtown or if you do maybe you don’t get out much? And I do have merchandise earlier than 20th century as well. We also have a nice concentration of single type shops at our intersection of 6th and Spring of new clothing retail and vintage doing very well, thank you. The more the merrier and the residents love it.

    I’m so excited to see more and more different types of stores coming to our neck of the woods. Sports Chalet is smart in making this move I just hope they will carry equestrian clothes.

    • brudy says

      Yes I live downtown and yes I get out. To be honest, I’ve been in Flea a few times but haven’t seen anything I’ve liked or needed yet. But it’s a nice store and I’m glad it’s doing well.

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