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New DoubleTree by Hilton in Downtown LA: First Look Inside Upgraded Rooms

All rooms are currently being upgraded at the Kyoto Grand Hotel as it is being converted to a new DoubleTree by Hilton

A couple of months ago we saw the beginning of Kyoto Grand Hotel’s transformation to a new DoubleTree by Hilton with the initial work on remodeling the plaza fronting 1st and Los Angeles St. Some other renovations within the hotel’s common areas were in progress including the replacement of carpeting and upgrading the fitness center. In addition, work had also begun on upgrading the rooms to “DoubleTree by Hilton standards.” I learned that after about 50% of the hotel’s rooms are upgraded (around the end of summer), the new DoubleTree by Hilton sign would also be installed on the hotel. I decided to check out the new rooms to give our readers a first look inside.

According to a sign located in the hotel’s lobby, the new DoubleTree by Hilton Downtown Los Angeles will still maintain the Japanese-inspired design theme throughout the hotel, much to the relief of the Little Tokyo community.

The sign reads: “A blend of Asian-fusion style with contemporary elegance that features deluxe and suite accommodations, meetings and events space, a delicious restaurant, spacious lounge and serene rooftop garden.”

Here is a look at what the new rooms look like and once 50% of the rooms have been upgraded — around the end of summer 2012 — the hotel will officially become a DoubleTree by Hilton.

This guest room on the 10th floor has been successfully upgraded to the DoubleTree by Hilton standard

The new rooms feature new modern furniture pieces as well as flat screen TVs

Modern furniture pieces with warm colors are part of the new upgraded rooms

The Japanese-inspired design theme is maintained throughout the hotel as part of the hotel's Little Tokyo location

All bathrooms will be upgraded as well with new vanities, toilets, and Japanese-inspired artwork

...and new showers

A look outside the hotel room window on the 10th floor at the Japanese rooftop garden popular as a wedding venue

The carpeting and wallpaper are being changed to new floral patterns and warm tones that give the hotel a refreshed modern look

A sign posted in the lobby explaining the hotel's upgrades

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  1. sylvia dominguez says

    Hi – I would be interested in seeing pictures of the completed guestrooms. I am looking for rooms near an event we are hosting at Vibiana – this hotel is ideally situated.
    Thank you for your consideration,

    • Hi Sylvia, the pictures I took (seen above) ARE of the completed guest rooms at the hotel. Maybe I am not understanding what you mean?

  2. gary says

    Looks great. That zen garden pic is such a tease, though. Imagine a public zen garden on one of those parking lots….(yes i know apartments are going there, still. Would be pretty cool…and needed)

  3. carter says

    Not necessarily in love with that hallway carpeting, but the rest of the place looks very nice.
    Glad to see yet another hotel upgraded to today’s standards.

  4. Harold says

    Great work BY! You do an amazing job of keeping me updated on the happenings in DTLA! I moved out from DTLA one year ago today and am amazed at how much has changed! Miss it so much, but at least I know I can always turn to you and your site for quick, informative news!

    You rock brother!

  5. ML Trever says

    I know you mentioned previously about the new owners planning to renovate the plaza at the corner of First and Los Angeles Streets. The hotel won’t be given a true second life unless and until they reactivate the long-dormant water fountain in the courtyard, or at least do something about it, one way or the other. I’m assuming the plumbing that originally allowed it to work somehow became greatly damaged, that the cost to repair it always was too much for the previous owner.

    • They started work on the plaza with trimming the landscaping, cutting a few small trees down to allow more light in the plaza (which was dark and gloomy), and fixing all the lighting so they’re all working now at night. However, I have not seen them do much more. They are definitely supposed to plant more “colorful flowers” such as azaleas. I too hope that they rework the fountain somehow. Either make it work or take it out and do something else.

  6. Lisa says

    On a walk to dinner last night, the hubs and I witnessed the new name/sign going up on the building.

  7. Linkin Tren says

    I was eating lunch at Weller Court on wednesday the 27th of June and noticed these massive letters on a truck. They were two bundles and one was labeled as weighing 990lbs. I believe these letters are part of the new Double Tree by Hilton sign going up for the building.

    On another not the side entrance from Weller Court to the Japanese garden have been closed to the public for a few months now.

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