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New Starbucks Now Open in Growing South Park District of Downtown LA

New Starbucks opened today on Father’s Day at 9th/Flower in South Park

This January, we found out that (a fourth) Starbucks in South Park was going into the former and long vacant Minuteman Press space at the Skyline Condominiums. Six months later, construction is finally completed and today was the grand opening on Father’s Day. Even though it was a Sunday — the least busiest day of the week generally for Downtown LA — there were still quite a few people sitting outside in the patio seating area in front of Starbucks enjoying the warm sunny afternoon.

I can see this new Starbucks becoming a favorite morning spot for the neighborhood — both for residents and workers. It is very exciting for me to see many of our once-desolate intersections now activated by new relevant businesses. This new Starbucks at the 9th and Flower intersection will soon be joined by highly anticipated Towne restaurant (that we first reported on back in July 6, 2011) directly catercorner across the street. With more and more businesses opening up in South Park, it is finally starting to feel more like an authentic urban neighborhood.

Current business hours will be from 5 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

The front section of the new Starbucks store designed by Valerio

The counter extends almost the entire length of the store

I can see this Starbucks becoming a favorite morning spot with residents and workers in South Park

More seating available inside the new Starbucks

Center map
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  1. As much as I frequent Starbucks, I almost wish there were more privately owned coffee shops/lounges. I think DTLA would be perfect for that too!

  2. Robert D. says

    I’m happy this is now open, as I live nearby, but I hope it won’t lure me away from the very wonderful Hygge, a few blocks down Hope. A new Starbucks is cool, but there’s nothing like a shop with its own unique personality.

  3. Erik G. says

    If the Green Mermaid puts Hygge out of business, I’ll be very sad.

  4. Lawrence says

    I think there’s room for both independent and chain establishments in downtown. The area is simply too large to be made up of purely independent businesses including coffee roasters. Downtown currently has a good number of Independent coffee roasters though, many of which have a strong following. Ultimately, if the quality and service are there, many people will frequent those places in lieu of Starbucks though the name recognition of Starbucks will always draw people as well.

    If you like Hygge or other independent roasters downtown and you enjoy their coffee then by all means go there and support them.

  5. C. Ginin says

    Yeah, two of those people sitting outside were Jordan and Stephanie. They were two of the first people to go there. Pretty cool.

  6. sebastian says

    I really like the sidewalk seating. See how much nicer it looks when you see people sitting outside. It’s more inviting.

  7. David G. says

    I think this is a positive sign no matter how you look at it. Other businesses (local and corporate) know Starbucks does a lot of research before opening a new location, if they see Starbucks here, they will be more comfortable moving in themselves.

    Hygee shouldn’t be at risk at all, first they are far more unique with their amazing house-made danishes of incredible quality whereas Starbucks is known for their variety of coffees, espresso drinks and pre-made shipped-in baked goods. Also, Hygee has very affordable street parking on its block ($.50 per hour) and Starbucks here is very unaffordable ($4 per hour), at least for the few people who still don’t have fake handicapped permits.

  8. Why is everyone so worried about this Starbucks affecting Hygee? It is 3 blocks away. There’s another Starbucks on 11th and Grand, literally the same block as Hygee in the bottom floor of the same building. If Hygee can survive when it is a hop, skip, and a jump from that Starbucks, I don’t see how this Starbucks would have any greater impact.

    And I think this Starbucks is great. The corner was totally dead looking, which was crazy considering it was right between a bunch of very nice apartment/condo buildings and the only grocery store downtown. Now the corner seems filled with people. I can’t wait for Towne to add more!

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